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Sunflower communication No. 367

 Congratulations! The baton world meeting fourth place!

Akira Saito (saitoujo) of beginner for Konan Junior High School put splendid results of "the fourth place" in world meeting of baton held in Croatia.
(in representatives from Japan the top!)

Baton in Konan

Splendid achievement not to affect the youngest in youth section of "toe baton" to use two batons for either!
Baton which began with 3 years old under the influence of older sister does not seem to miss 4-hour exercise every day from two hours.

Group photo

From Principal Ueda (the photograph left edge), powerful Yale, "we wanted you to aim at one of the world by all means!" was sent.
We expect Saito to belong to Go department, further outstanding performance in Fumitake literary and military arts at school!

September 11, 2017 Konan Ward vice-Director General Yasushi Takada

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