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Sunflower communication No. 319

 Admirable! Nanriyo, Yokohama High School!

Various club activities of Nanriyo, Yokohama High School make an outstanding performance in national convention.

Group photo

Six people are all of bowling departments from the front row right.
The back row is all of American football.
The second, the third are two people of social Welfare Division from the front row left.

Nanriyo, Yokohama High School bowling department

Team of bowling department for women is national convention championship! Team for men is third place winning a prize, too!
The secret that became good replied, "there is exercise!" powerfully.
We continue practicing three times a week and seem to have my ball more than four everybodies.
Please do your best next year!

Nanriyo, Yokohama High School American football

And American football participates in national convention, too!
We were defeated in the first match regrettably, but were able to hear powerful words, "younger students wanted you to aim at the top more with effort!".
It is good team of atmosphere very friendly.
We seem to be able to expect further achievement very much.

Nanriyo, Yokohama High School society Welfare Division 1 Nanriyo, Yokohama High School society Welfare Division 2

Social Welfare Division breaks through wonderful qualifier, too and participates in national convention of open "sign language performance Koshien" in Tottori!
We usually work on the spread of sign language more and continue volunteer activity in welfare institutions.
We had you were unreasonable and show sign language.
National convention in Tottori "seemed to become good memory".

We really had a lot of spirit.
Graduate wishes achievement on the next stage.
In addition, please try so hard that younger students are not defeated by senior!

March 8, 2017 Konan Ward vice-Director General Yasushi Takada

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