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Sunflower communication No. 318

 The 18th "Konan international exchange lounge Festival" holding!

On Sunday, February 26, "Konan international exchange lounge Festival" was held grandly in Kamiooka "sunflower town" hall.

Lounge Festival 1

Venue is large serving rise in song and dance of all the countries of the world, 英語 speech meet!
In foyer of introduction and food, folk crafts of each country culture displaying and selling was performed.

Lounge Festival 2

The 英語 speech meet participants, judges and taking a ceremonial photograph.

Lounge Festival 3

Testimonial was conferred on Malian the co-rad from Philippines which won "prize for lounge Festival".
We were really impressed by story of eight everybodies who participated.
Through difference in words and culture, ring of interchange in area spreads!

March 6, 2017 Konan Ward vice-Director General Yasushi Takada

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