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Any small box to ask for

 What small box to ask for to tie with smile is what?

It is everybody being always practiced and corner introducing experiences. We attach wonderful smile to comment to smile unintentionally and send every week.
Well, what kind of person will appear this week?

We will open cover of small box that smile was jam-packed quietly!

 Health promotion

We introduce the secret and experiences of health. Because everybody can do it little by little, do you not begin?

[NO.5 March 15, 2017 publication]      [NO.6 March 22, 2017 publication]
Let's protect! Tooth      Let's walk! Every day
All of Konandai nursery schools      Chairperson sports promotion committee communication meeting Kobayashi
Konandai nursery school nurse Miyuki Igarashi
Childcare person Etsuko Kajikawa, Toshie Saito
     Konan Ward sports promotion committee communication meeting chairperson
Masayuki Kobayashi
Children of nursery school brush its teeth after a meal, too.
We think that lifestyle from the small time leads to lifetime health.
     If get up in custom of every morning in the morning for approximately ten years, is bed; calisthenics, bicycle pedal koginadode augmentation of muscular strength and the radio exercises first second.
We walk outside in the evening. We strengthen body and eat well and drink well!
[NO.3 March 1, 2017 publication]      [NO.4 March 8, 2017 publication]
Let's walk! Every day      Let's walk! Every day
Chairperson member of health practice promotion society Takayanagi      Sports promotion committee Yamaguchi
Member of Konan Ward health practice promotion society's chairperson
Junko Takayanagi (or ladder high)
     Konan Ward sports promotion committee
Noriko Yamaguchi (mountain complaint Noriko)
We commuted to and from school at the distance of 4 kilos since primary schoolchild.
We meet, and Kai still loves to walk.
♪ho ... so cheerful as for arukou, me!
     "It is smile Lucky happy radio exercises," it is exercises 1.2.3 "happy hormone fully opening" every day laughingly!
We can meet every day, you who are spirited and are happy. Thank you!
[NO.1 February 15, 2017 publication]      [NO.2 February 22, 2017 publication]
We seem to cry! Smoke of cigarette      Let's eat! Vegetables
The Mizuno Health and Welfare Center head      Members of Okubo nursery school cooking
The Konan Ward Health and Welfare Center head
Tetsu Mizuno Hiroshi
     Member of Yokohama City Univ. Kubo nursery school cooking
Kimiko Taniai, Mariko Ooya, Yoko Yamashita
We are giving up smoking.
Health promotion of killing two birds with one stone that is kind to both wallet and body.
Rice becomes delicious and is overeating attention, but is dissolving by walking.
     Cooking deliciously live with vegetables which we brought up in garden in childcare room!
Children of nursery school eat hard and love vegetables!

 What 5 (five) which asks for healthy action

Regardless of age or sex, it is action target that anyone can practice. Because we can do it, we begin and are healthy by everyday living!

・Let's walk! Every day
・Let's eat! Vegetables
・Let's protect! Tooth
・We seem to cry! Smoke of cigarette
・Let's take a rest! Well

And let's receive! Cancer screening and physical checkup

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