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 Sunflower communication Director General, management responsibility job message

Oldness and Konan ... which bring up ... connection
We will push forward "community development by collaboration" together to be able to think with "hometown Konan" where "you were allowed to live in Konan Ward"!
It is message to Konan Director General Takako Saito (saitoutakako) and inhabitants of a ward from management responsibility job.

NoThe publication dateTitleCharge
417 February 21, 2018 Serigaya Neighborhood Associations child society "disaster prevention poster exhibition" new Akimoto fire chief
416 February 14, 2018 We hold exhibition that impaired person produced at ward office! Manager of Nakai center
415 February 9, 2018 Thank you! Hinochuuo high third grader of "moss ball" exchange! Saito Director General
414 February 9, 2018 We experience occupation at ward office! Serigaya Junior High School second grader! Sato Supervising Director-General
413 February 8, 2018 Cold vanishes! Child Festival winter Sato Supervising Director-General
412 January 26, 2018 We experience occupation at bamboo grass lower junior high school second grader, ward office! Sato Supervising Director-General
411 January 24, 2018 It is fun brightly! Different generation exchange meeting Sato Supervising Director-General
410 January 19, 2018 We introduce all of companies of the Yokohama health management certification! Saito Director General
409 January 19, 2018 The 110th to bear shi definitely! Saito Director General
408 January 17, 2018 "Exercise to light society" composition contest commendation ceremony! Sato Supervising Director-General
407 January 16, 2018 Fast sailing! Healthy running meet! Saito Director General
406 January 15, 2018 Konan Ward New Year's parade of fire brigades was held! Akimoto fire chief
405 January 11, 2018 The New Year, New Year's parade of fire brigades! Saito Director General
404 December 26, 2017 Nanriyo High School bowling department! Use bowling championship men's singles runner up in Asia! Saito Director General
403 December 25, 2017 The national convention second place! Special support school track and field club such as Hinochuuo High School! Saito Director General
402 December 22, 2017 Child forum! We want to make their towns to live in better! Saito Director General
401 December 22, 2017 Preparations for Christmas! Bamboo grass lower south nursery school! Saito Director General
400 December 21, 2017 Higiriyama! Contact concert! Saito Director General
399 December 20, 2017 It is gold medal in national convention! Lower Noba elementary school marching band! Saito Director General
398 December 19, 2017 Newly! "koiku tenoiewa! It falls" Sato Supervising Director-General
397 December 15, 2017 Congratulations on your graduation! "School building sunflower" High Tazoe Director General
396 December 14, 2017 "Fuzzy volleyball meet" holding! High Tazoe Director General
395 November 29, 2017 Meeting "festival 2017" of "teacher of town" holding! High Tazoe Director General
394 November 28, 2017 The wound part 35th anniversary! Meeting of Thursday sign language Sato Supervising Director-General
393 November 27, 2017 National convention participation! Boys and girls Karate championship Kusaka small sixth grader Saito Director General
392 November 24, 2017 National convention participation! The baseball girls tournament Maruyamadai small Saito Director General
391 November 20, 2017 Celebration! The local welfare officer system foundation 100th anniversary Saito Director General
390 November 17, 2017 Cord of orange to tie with wish Sato Supervising Director-General
389 November 16, 2017 We went! Keikyu Department Store sale of the next dream (raimu) Manager of Nakai center
388 November 15, 2017 3 groups are commended by park protection society Konan Ward! Yamaura engineering works office work director
387 November 14, 2017 We experience occupation at ward office! Higashinagaya Junior High School second grader! Sato Supervising Director-General
386 November 7, 2017 1,000 people arrive to sunflower health fair! Manager of Nakai center
385 November 6, 2017 In the clear autumn sky! Child Festival Sato Supervising Director-General
384 November 2, 2017 7th! "What next dream (raimu) to ask" for special sale Manager of Nakai center
383 October 24, 2017 We are holding until 25th! The 47th kotobuki exhibition Sato Supervising Director-General
382 October 19, 2017 We touch and, through sports, interchange! Manager of Nakai center
381 October 16, 2017 We shine excellently in Konan fire brigade "Yokohama-shi firefighting how to handle technique training society"! Akimoto fire chief
380 October 13, 2017 Nanriyo, Yokohama High School "sign language performance Koshien" participation! High Tazoe Director General
379 October 5, 2017 It is 70 in this year! Red feather community chest Sato Supervising Director-General
378 October 2, 2017 National convention participation! Department of bamboo grass lower junior high school jazz! Saito Director General
377 September 29, 2017 It is the second place in national convention! Maruyamadai Junior High School swimming club! Saito Director General
376 September 26, 2017 Congratulations! "Sailing" Europe championship participation! High Tazoe Director General
375 September 25, 2017 Kaminagaya sunflower fields were in full bloom! Yamaura engineering works office work director
374 September 21, 2017 Well! 106 years old! Saito Director General
373 September 19, 2017 Great! Student of Nanriyo, Yokohama High School is making an outstanding performance! High Tazoe Director General
372 September 15, 2017 We hold self-defense fire brigade firefighting how to handle technology training party! Akimoto fire chief
371 September 15, 2017 Bamboo grass Shimokawa became beautiful Manager of Nakai center
370 September 14, 2017 A lot of smiles! Bamboo grass cafe! Saito Director General
369 September 13, 2017 We introduce nursery school, kindergarten in Keikyu Department Store! Sato Supervising Director-General
368 September 12, 2017 We bake by lava kiln! Bread of jump! Saito Director General
367 September 11, 2017 Congratulations! The baton world meeting fourth place! High Tazoe Director General
366 September 8, 2017 National convention participation! Bamboo grass lower junior high school track and field club! Saito Director General
365 September 7, 2017 The opening of a school! School building sunflower! Saito Director General
364 September 6, 2017 It is ZUMBA together! Stress-relieving! Sato Supervising Director-General
363 August 31, 2017 Hama road supporter Konan Ward 4 group commends for many years Yamaura engineering works office work director
362 August 30, 2017 Interchange between generations! Summer festival Bon festival dance meet! Saito Director General
361 August 29, 2017 Experience that is real by Konan engineering works! Child adventure Yamaura engineering works office work director
360 August 25, 2017 From 0 years old! In parent and child together! Sato Supervising Director-General
359 July 27, 2017 Little League national convention participation in Japan! Go for it! Saito Director General
358 July 26, 2017 Season of sunflower! Oga town! Saito Director General
357 July 24, 2017 We did our best this year! Hino River clean up Sato Supervising Director-General
356 July 21, 2017 National convention participation! Nanriyo High School koto club, social Welfare Division, Kyudo club! Saito Director General
355 July 12, 2017 Very popular! Special support school handicraft works such as Hinochuuo High School Saito Director General
354 July 11, 2017 Konan fire brigade "firefighting how to handle technique training party" was held! Akimoto fire chief
353 July 7, 2017 We worship ... Star Festival with wish to strip of paper Sato Supervising Director-General
352 July 6, 2017 Sunflower planter! Yokohama Konan Rotary Club! Saito Director General
351 July 6, 2017 National convention participation! Hinominami Junior High School baseball club! Golf! Saito Director General
350 July 5, 2017 Let's get rid of crime by local power! Sato Supervising Director-General
349 July 4, 2017 Thank you! June limitation! Vegetables bun Saito Director General
348 June 28, 2017 "The 29th what synthesis art exhibition to ask" for holding! High Tazoe Director General
347 June 27, 2017 Serigaya district! At the time of disaster see, and think about defense! Saito Director General
346 June 26, 2017 Gathering of park protection is prosperous very much this year! Yamaura engineering works office work director
345 June 23, 2017 The open first anniversary! Higiriyama community care plaza Sato Supervising Director-General
344 June 22, 2017 The Hino first! We arrive to watch, and let's talk! Saito Director General
343 June 16, 2017 We held this year! Konan Ward school lunch exhibition Sato Supervising Director-General
342 June 15, 2017 Please expect in Kaminagaya sunflower field, this year! Yamaura engineering works office work director
341 June 13, 2017 By class! Careful driving of mind otsukeyo bicycle! Saito Director General
340 June 9, 2017 Thank you! mozaikarucha! Saito Director General
339 June 8, 2017 It is the height of training! vol.2 Konan fire brigade Akimoto fire chief
338 June 6, 2017 The first holding! Parent and child walking classroom Sato Supervising Director-General
337 June 2, 2017 June 4 is cavity prevention day! Let's protect ...! Tooth Manager of Nakai center
336 May 31, 2017 Firefighting help prefectural tournament participation! Konan fire department ! Saito Director General
335 May 31, 2017 Until the end of this week! Urban greening yokohama fair of the whole country Sato Supervising Director-General
334 May 30, 2017 Ecological bitter gourd life! Saito Director General
333 May 26, 2017 It is World Non-smoking Day on May 31! It is so without ...! Smoke of cigarette Manager of Nakai center
332 May 24, 2017 We push forward repair business of the Hino River! Yamaura engineering works office work director
331 May 23, 2017 Well! Child Festival spring! Saito Director General
330 May 22, 2017 Spring bamboo grass Shimokawa clean up! High Tazoe Director General
329 May 19, 2017 It bloomed! Sunflower! Saito Director General
328 May 17, 2017 It is prosperous very much this year! soyokazefureaimatsuri Sato Supervising Director-General
327 May 16, 2017 It is the height of help training! Akimoto fire chief
326 May 10, 2017 "Hino contact child Festival" holding! High Tazoe Director General
325 May 8, 2017 New nursery school building of nursery school in ward was completed! Sato Supervising Director-General
324 May 8, 2017 It is the local welfare officer system foundation 100th anniversary this year! Manager of Nakai center
323 May 2, 2017 "Moss ball" came to new ward Government building! High Tazoe Director General
322 April 28, 2017 Konan Ward is naive! Bus hijacking measures training Sato Supervising Director-General
321 April 26, 2017 "Spring flower arrangement exhibition" holding! High Tazoe Director General
320 April 10, 2017 It is road safety together! Saito Director General
 It is Konan Ward member of 2017
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