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 Sunflower communication Director General, management responsibility job message

oldness and Konan - image bringing up ... connection
We will push forward "community development by collaboration" together to be able to think with "hometown Konan" where "you were allowed to live in Konan Ward"!
It is message to Konan Director General Takako Saito (saitoutakako) and inhabitants of a ward from management responsibility job.

NoThe publication dateTitleCharge

February 15, 2019 

Thanks! Donation new! of road emergency material by association of Yokohama construction industry Yamaura engineering works office work director

February 14, 2019

Healthy management! Steadily by one step! Saito Director General

February 14, 2019

We presented letter of thanks from Director General, the head for quickness, precise lifesaving relay! ... Konan fire department Akimoto fire chief

February 13, 2019

Healthy management! We put up personal sign! Saito Director General

February 4, 2019

Healthy management! Theme of this year is healthy! Saito Director General

February 4, 2019

Konan police department martial arts beginning type! Saito Director General

January 28, 2019

We introduce all of offices of the healthy management certification! Saito Director General

January 23, 2019

It remains for memory! Healthy running meet! Saito Director General

January 21, 2019

Konan Ward New Year's parade of fire brigades was held in 2019! Konan fire department Akimoto fire chief

January 17, 2019

In celebration of 50 years old! Saito Director General

January 10, 2019

Letter of thanks was presented to Konan fire brigade by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Akimoto fire chief
502 January 9, 2019 Beginning of the year common usage! New Year's parade of fire brigades! Saito Director General
501 December 28, 2018 Contact concert! Higiriyama! Saito Director General
500 December 21, 2018  Prefecture person who has rendered distinguished services commendation! Careful driving manager society! Saito Director General
499 December 21, 2018  Sunflower! Picture, photograph is displayed by all the people here! Saito Director General
498 December 21, 2018  Celebration! Maruyamadai promenade completion Yamaura engineering works office work director
497 December 14, 2018 "School building sunflower" graduation ceremony! Saito Director General
496 December 14, 2018 The prosperity! Community care Festa! Saito Director General
495 December 7, 2018 Caution solidarity type special for the year-end and New Year holidays! Saito Director General
494 December 6, 2018 Celebration! Konan Junior High School physical education meet overall victory! Saito Director General
493 December 6, 2018 3 groups are commended with two individuals by park protection society Konan Ward! Yamaura engineering works office work director
492 November 30, 2018 Bon festival dance that dances, and is inherited! "Konan sunflower leading!" Saito Director General
491 November 30, 2018 Bon festival dance that dances, and is inherited! "Tree of chinquapin leading!" Saito Director General
490 November 29, 2018 Bon festival dance that dances, and is inherited! "Higiriyama leading!" Saito Director General
489 November 29, 2018 Exciting game! Lady's soccer meet Sato vice-Director General
488 November 26, 2018 Bon festival dance that dances, and is inherited! "Cousin bamboo grass bottom!" Saito Director General
487 November 22, 2018 We roll, and toilet paper stocks, too! Saito Director General
486 November 13, 2018 Is pet participation, too? Area disaster drill ㏌ Serigaya Junior High School Manager of Nakai center
485 November 2, 2018 "2018 Yokohama-shi firefighting how to handle technique training party" was held, and representative of Konan Ward struggled Akimoto fire chief
483 October 29, 2018 Visiting the 21st park protection society Park Yamaura engineering works office work director
483 October 26, 2018 Let's prevent wire fraud! Gathering of local safe silver Sato vice-Director General
482 October 22, 2018 We gave citizen who had the service by fire letter of thanks from Konan fire chief Akimoto fire chief
481 October 22, 2018 "Contact sports exchange meeting" holds heart in one! Manager of Nakai center
480 October 19, 2018 kotobuki exhibition! Until 24th! Saito Director General
479 October 12, 2018 It is departed to town development of Konan Ward which is security/safety! Sato vice-Director General
478 October 5, 2018 Red feather community chest start! Yamada Supervising Director-General
477 October 4, 2018 Full thanks! "Even cat is great" Manager of Nakai center
476 October 2, 2018 For disaster! We play an active part in amateur radio communications! Saito Director General
475 September 28, 2018 We asked "Mt. Tsukui lily garden Serigaya nursery school building"! Saito Director General
474 September 25, 2018 We had you donate! Crossing flag! Saito Director General
473 September 18, 2018 Local disaster drill! Yoshihara Elementary School! Saito Director General
472 September 14, 2018 The ward most advanced age! Celebration of longevity! Saito Director General
471 September 13, 2018 It is bamboo grass Shimokawa clean up together! The autumn district Sato vice-Director General
470 September 12, 2018 Small small! Princess sunflower! Saito Director General
469 September 11, 2018 Let's possess! Meal & restroom at the time of disaster! Saito Director General
468 September 10, 2018 Konan Ward self-defense fire brigade firefighting how to handle technology training party was held Akimoto fire chief
467 September 6, 2018 Notice of obstacle understanding enlightenment poster (please watch warmly) advances! Manager of Nakai center
466 September 5, 2018 Healthy management! From calling to each one! Saito Director General
465 September 3, 2018 The large prosperity! Association of silver Bon festival dance meet! Saito Director General
464 August 31, 2018 Let's possess! Portable toilet pack! Saito Director General
463 August 29, 2018 Healthy management! Without stretching itself; steadily! Saito Director General
462 August 28, 2018 Parent and child concert in sunflower town from 0 years old Yamada Supervising Director-General
461 August 24, 2018 Let's learn together! Sunflower disaster prevention tour Sato vice-Director General
460 August 23, 2018 Experience that is real by Konan engineering works! Child adventure Yamaura engineering works office work director
459 August 10, 2018 Healthy management! Fix the eyes on the future; and by one step! Saito Director General
458 August 3, 2018 Young and old! Sunflower leading! Saito Director General
457 August 2, 2018 The best part! Sunflower leading! Saito Director General
456 July 27, 2018 Healthy management! Way of working that person can shine with! Saito Director General
455 July 27, 2018 Celebration! Boy guidance service group commendation! Saito Director General
454 July 26, 2018 It is radio exercise together! Before hours! Saito Director General
453 July 25, 2018 Start! Lower Noba elementary school marching band! Saito Director General
452 July 25, 2018 Summer Hino River clean up! Yamada Supervising Director-General
451 July 25, 2018 30,000 sunflower fields! Until 29th! Saito Director General
450 July 20, 2018 Security/safety town development joint campaign! in Kaminagaya Sato vice-Director General
449 July 19, 2018 Child disaster prevention experience! Bamboo grass bottom! Saito Director General
448 July 13, 2018 Interchange local by ground golf! Manager of Nakai center
447 July 11, 2018 Konan fire brigade "firefighting how to handle technique training party" was held! Akimoto fire chief
446 July 9, 2018 Come to play! Star Festival Festival! Saito Director General
445 July 6, 2018 Children of Noba Saint Kei kindergarten gave Star Festival decoration and oath of security to Akimoto fire chief
444 July 5, 2018 Exercise to light society! Street campaign Yamada Supervising Director-General
443 June 29, 2018 We are holding in this way until what synthesis art exhibition 2nd! Saito Director General
442 June 25, 2018 President J-COM south Yokohama change! Saito Director General
441 June 20, 2018 Gathering of park protection is substantial year by year! Yamaura engineering works office work director
440 June 19, 2018 In attending school road "stay sticker!" Saito Director General
439 June 18, 2018 Celebration! Receiving a prize particularly simultaneous bamboo grass Shimokawa reproduction project, prize for practice of prize for Yokohama environment activity, biological diversity in prize Sato vice-Director General
438 June 14, 2018 LED campaign! in Noba Saito Director General
437 June 14, 2018 We let you bloom in Kaminagaya sunflower field, this year! Yamaura engineering works office work director
436 June 8, 2018 Event was carried out for health week of tooth and mouth Manager of Nakai center
435 June 6, 2018 Beautiful weather! Large Okagawa clean up! Saito Director General
434 June 4, 2018 We presented fire chief letter of thanks to Konandai Byrds Disaster Control Center Akimoto fire chief
433 May 29, 2018 Ei Hirato Tanikawa, spring clean up! Saito Director General
432 May 28, 2018 We will make! Newspaper bag! Saito Director General
431 May 18, 2018 Spring flower arrangement exhibition! We are holding until 22nd! Saito Director General
430 May 17, 2018 Come to play! Festival spring! Saito Director General
429 May 14, 2018 Common usage! Spring bamboo grass Shimokawa clean up! Saito Director General
428 May 10, 2018 Carp streamer on May 5! Saito Director General
427 May 8, 2018 The large prosperity! Contact child Festival! Saito Director General
426 April 13, 2018 Parade is prosperous! Konan Sakura Festival! Saito Director General
425 April 9, 2018 Spring Traffic Safety Campaign starts! Saito Director General
424 April 6, 2018 While cherry tree is in full glory! Inhabitant of a ward softball meet Sato vice-Director General
 It is Konan Ward member of 2018
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Health and Welfare Center
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The Health and Welfare Center head Director General Vice-Director General Engineering works office work director Fire chief
Hiroshi Yamada
(still Hiroshi)
Kunio Nakai
Takako Saito
Eiichi Sato
(sugar Eiichi)
Yoshihiro Yamaura
(mountain back Yoshihiro)
Masahiko Akimoto
(space cause Masahiko)

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