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 Sunflower communication Director General, management responsibility job message

Oldness and Konan ... which bring up ... connection
We will push forward "community development by collaboration" together to be able to think with "hometown Konan" where "you were allowed to live in Konan Ward"!

Illustration of Director General with flag

It is message to Konan Director General Takako Saito (Takako Saito) and inhabitants of a ward from management responsibility job.

NoThe publication dateTitleCharge
319 March 8, 2017 Admirable! Nanriyo, Yokohama Senior High School! New High Tazoe Director General
318 March 6, 2017 The 18th "Konan international exchange lounge Festival" holding! High Tazoe Director General
317 March 3, 2017 Serigaya alliance, jikushakyo "clean athletic meet" holding! High Tazoe Director General
316 February 24, 2017 It is the 43rd disaster prevention poster commendation ceremony masterpiece! Natori fire chief
315 February 22, 2017 It is in full blossom with smile! Cheerful community development forum! Saito Director General
314 February 21, 2017 Primary schoolchild edition "disaster prevention guide!" Completion! Saito Director General
313 February 17, 2017 Hino Elementary School tag rugby club! To national convention! Saito Director General
312 February 17, 2017 We play an active part in volleyball club in bamboo grass bottom, prefecture all-star representative! Saito Director General
311 February 16, 2017 Special support school track and field club such as Hinochuuo High School, national convention participation! Saito Director General
310 February 15, 2017 Moss ball, exchange of the third grader last! Saito Director General
309 February 10, 2017 2 establishments support fire brigade cooperation establishment authorized ... newly! Fire brigade Natori fire chief
308 February 7, 2017 A lot of vegetables, Pastel lunch! Saito Director General
307 January 26, 2017 Influenza warning Mayor of Mizuno center
306 January 23, 2017 Request out of love Natori fire chief
305 January 18, 2017 It is lion dance performer in the New Year! Saito Director General
304 January 17, 2017 National convention championship! Towards Konan Junior High School swimming club next! Saito Director General
303 January 17, 2017 In nursery school! Correspondence book at the time of disaster! Saito Director General
302 January 13, 2017 Vegetable paring sunflower blooms and reduces garbage! Saito Director General
301 January 12, 2017 In parent and child! Healthy running meet! Saito Director General
300 December 28, 2016 January 5! New Year's parade of fire brigades! Saito Director General
299 December 26, 2016 We send in voice! Meeting of "itodenwa" Saito Director General
298 December 22, 2016 To enjoy next year! "Community care Festa" Saito Director General
297 December 21, 2016 Member of woman fire brigade holds disaster prevention instruction party in Okubo Neighborhood Associations (long Sakae meeting) Natori fire chief
296 December 20, 2016 National convention participation! Small tsubo Elementary School brass band! Saito Director General
295 December 20, 2016 National convention participation! Maruyamadai Junior High School swimming club! Saito Director General
294 December 12, 2016 We called at Marienbad studio! Saito Director General
293 December 9, 2016 Until 14th, we are holding school lunch exhibition! Saito Director General
292 December 2, 2016 Let's reduce house fire! Natori fire chief
291 November 29, 2016 We are careful about influenza! Mayor of Mizuno center
290 November 28, 2016 Autumn of art! "Hinominami art exhibition" holding♡♡♡ High Tazoe Director General
289 November 22, 2016 Tree "Ilex rotunda" of ward produces red fruit! Kuroda engineering works office work director
288 October 17, 2016 Congratulations! Maruyamadai Junior High School brass band club "gold medal receiving a prize!" High Tazoe Director General
287 October 12, 2016 The opening of a store 20th anniversary! Keikyu Department Store! Saito Director General
286 October 11, 2016 Junior high student cooperates with initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. ! We present letter of thanks to ... courageous action Natori fire chief
285 September 20, 2016 In cooperation with everybody! Distribution start of pet notebook! Saito Director General
284 September 20, 2016 Let's spend time well forever! Mini-day service (elderly day care)! Saito Director General
283 September 16, 2016 Go for it, it is Konan Ward self-defense fire brigade! Natori fire chief
282 September 15, 2016 Sunflower leading exercise society! Nagano Elementary School! Saito Director General
281 September 14, 2016 Seem to ask; festival! 17th holding! Saito Director General
280 September 13, 2016 Hot! Bamboo grass Shimokawa clean up! Hot! High Tazoe Director General
279 September 8, 2016 National convention participation! The land of bamboo grass lower junior high school! Swimming! Saito Director General
278 September 8, 2016 Preparations for earthquake and typhoon! With public information September issue! Saito Director General
277 September 7, 2016 "Ginkgo slope cafe" opening! Maruyamadai mall dispatch! Saito Director General
276 September 6, 2016 Quickness, precise team play that saved life of co-worker! Natori fire chief
275 August 26, 2016 Sunflower! We were able to grow! Saito Director General
274 August 25, 2016 We have last chance to dance! Summer festival Bon festival dance meet! Saito Director General
273 August 24, 2016 We held "the second youth meeting"! High Tazoe Director General
272 August 23, 2016 We carried out "challenge for the making of jobs experience - concrete of engineering works!" Kuroda engineering works office work director
271 August 23, 2016 Disaster prevention of my home! Once again! Saito Director General
270 August 19, 2016 Sunflower full bloom! Konan police department Saito Director General
269 August 17, 2016 Kendo national convention participation! Fifth grader! Go for it! Saito Director General
268 August 15, 2016 "Relay of life that staff of facility cooperated with user and joined together!" Natori fire chief
267 July 29, 2016 Sunflower of "Fujisawa, Yokohama Line" safety zone blooms! Kuroda engineering works office work director
266 July 27, 2016 Sunflower disaster prevention tour holding! Natori fire chief
265 July 26, 2016 Sunflower field! "Oga town!" Saito Director General
264 July 22, 2016 Infectious disease information: We are careful about herpangina! Mayor of Mizuno center
263 July 21, 2016 Child disaster prevention experience-based camping! Bamboo grass groundwork ward! Saito Director General
262 July 13, 2016 The drainage beginning! Konan fire brigade firefighting how to handle technique training society Natori fire chief
261 July 8, 2016 High school student described! "Election enlightenment poster" Saito Director General
260 July 4, 2016 "Let's walk! Every day" Mayor of Mizuno center
259 July 1, 2016 Star Festival decoration Natori fire chief
258 June 28, 2016 By sign language! What 5 which asks for healthy action! Saito Director General
257 June 27, 2016 What synthesis art exhibition to ask for! Holding! Saito Director General
256 June 24, 2016 We support fire brigade! 8 establishments in ... ward are authorized by fire brigade cooperation establishment Natori fire chief
255 June 23, 2016 Let's push forward nijiirosango plan! Noba house Saito Director General
254 June 22, 2016 Town to be proud of to live in happily! Hometown, bamboo grass bottom Saito Director General
253 June 21, 2016 Kanto meeting participation! Konan fire department which keeps security of inhabitant of a ward! Saito Director General
252 June 20, 2016 The thing Hino first alliance which learns from Kumamoto earthquake Saito Director General
251 June 17, 2016 Rise, and slope rises flower; of smile rise; Serigaya Saito Director General
250 June 15, 2016 We planted seedling of sunflower in "Fujisawa, Yokohama Line" safety zone! Kuroda engineering works office work director
249 June 14, 2016 We held "gathering of park protection" Kuroda engineering works office work director
248 June 13, 2016 We asked Hinominami community care plaza! ... emergency reliable lecture Natori fire chief
247 June 9, 2016 Large Okagawa clean up! Kamiooka, Okubo most door district! Saito Director General
246 June 9, 2016 Prefecture meeting participation! Konan fire department team! Saito Director General
245 June 8, 2016 The celebration 20th anniversary! Konan international exchange lounge! Saito Director General
244 June 2, 2016 Large Okagawa clean up! Bamboo grass groundwork ward! Saito Director General
243 June 1, 2016 We experienced "locomotive syndrome exercises"! High Tazoe Director General
242 June 1, 2016 Masterpiece of preschooler! "Thank you! It is flower" Saito Director General
241 May 31, 2016 Birth! nagominoba Saito Director General
240 May 30, 2016 World Non-smoking Day! Let's know harm of cigarette! Saito Director General
239 May 30, 2016 It is "anti-crime program private elementary school of the Edo period" spirit! High Tazoe Director General
238 May 27, 2016 Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center, experience-based tour! Seeing is nyo number for one omen hearing again and again 100 Natori fire chief
237 May 25, 2016 Clean up of Ei Hirato Tanikawa "spring!" Saito Director General
236 May 24, 2016 As for "you, o is held capital inland earthquake emergency management lecture then"! Natori fire chief
235 May 23, 2016 Wrinkle Ranger participates, too! Child Festival spring! Saito Director General
234 May 20, 2016 A lot of smiles! soyokazefureaimatsuri! Saito Director General
233 May 20, 2016 We contribute to PR of firefighting! We confer letter of thanks Natori fire chief
232 May 18, 2016 "Meeting which celebrated nickname of way" of Yoshiharu stand was held grandly! High Tazoe Director General
231 May 17, 2016 We came in "3R dream" dispatch lecture/off site lecture! High Tazoe Director General
230 May 13, 2016 Revive! Bamboo grass Shimokawa clean up masterpiece war! Saito Director General
229 May 12, 2016 The grand sight! Hino contact child Festival! Saito Director General
228 May 12, 2016 New system! Young people instructor! Start! Saito Director General
227 April 28, 2016 Bond private supplementary school, Shimonagaya! Life as an evacuee survival experience society! Saito Director General
226 April 25, 2016 We walked course of "sunflower Konan walk"! High Tazoe Director General
225 April 25, 2016 We will let you bloom! Flower "sunflower" of ward! Saito Director General
224 April 21, 2016 We are holding "flower arrangement exhibition" in "sunflower town"! Saito Director General
223 April 21, 2016 It is full of masterpieces! Child society calligraphy exhibition commendation ceremony Saito Director General
222 April 11, 2016 Under distribution! Product for disaster prevention enlightenment brochure people with a disability! Saito Director General
221 April 7, 2016 Spring road safety! gen raso accident! Saito Director General
220 April 6, 2016 We would like this year! Saito Director General
219 April 6, 2016 Konan Ward medical association! Cherry Blossom Party! Saito Director General
218 April 5, 2016 Konan Sakura Festival! Bamboo grass groundwork ward! Saito Director General
 It is Konan Ward member of 2016
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Fire chief Engineering works office work director Vice-Director General Director General The Health and Welfare Center head  Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General
Tadashi Natori dawn Hiroshi Kuroda Yasushi Takada Takako Saito suiya** Takashi Kurosawa
(take Masaaki) (kurodahiroshi) (Takada Yasushi) (Takako Saito) (mizunotetsuhiro) (kurosawatakashi)

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