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Sunflower communication

 Sunflower communication Director General, management responsibility job message

Oldness and Konan ... which bring up ... connection
We will push forward "community development by collaboration" together to be able to think with "hometown Konan" where "you were allowed to live in Konan Ward"!
It is message to Konan Director General Takako Saito (saitoutakako) and inhabitants of a ward from management responsibility job.

NoThe publication dateTitleCharge
431 May 18, 2018 Spring flower arrangement exhibition! We are holding until 22nd! new Saito Director General
430 May 17, 2018 Come to play! Festival spring! Saito Director General
429 May 14, 2018 Common usage! Spring bamboo grass Shimokawa clean up! Saito Director General
428 May 10, 2018 Carp streamer on May 5! Saito Director General
427 May 8, 2018 The large prosperity! Contact child Festival! Saito Director General
426 April 13, 2018 Parade is prosperous! Konan Sakura Festival! Saito Director General
425 April 9, 2018 Spring Traffic Safety Campaign starts! Saito Director General
424 April 6, 2018 While cherry tree is in full glory! Inhabitant of a ward softball meet Sato vice-Director General
 It is Konan Ward member of 2018
Group photo
Health and Welfare Center
Supervising Director-General
The Health and Welfare Center head Director General Vice-Director General Engineering works office work director Fire chief
Hiroshi Yamada
(still Hiroshi)
Kunio Nakai
Takako Saito
Eiichi Sato
(sugar Eiichi)
Yoshihiro Yamaura
(mountain back Yoshihiro)
Masahiko Akimoto
(space cause Masahiko)

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