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Family register resident certificate

Family register

Report of family register

Birth registration form, marriage registration form, divorce registration form , report of acknowledgement, adoption registration, divorced child registration, report of entry in the family register, notification of transfer of family register, death registration/death notification form (we link to page of City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau)

Procedure of movement (reinterment) of ashes

Certificate of family register

All the family register matter certificate (certified copy), family register individual matter certificate (abridgment), all the removal from a register matter certificate (certified copy), removal from a register individual matter certificate (abridgment), identification card (we link to page of City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau)

Resident registration

Resident certificate, certification of a seal impression

We change copying of resident certificate, resident certificate items mentioned certificate, pension present situation certificate, Seal Registration Certificate, house indication of and prove

Procedures of address change by moving such as transference, transference

Notice of the change of address, notice of the address change, notice of the change of address

Seal Registration

About Seal Registration, it is seal registration application, private seal registration document application for exchange issue, report of Seal Registration abolition, notices such as private seal registration document losses, registration private seal notification of loss

Non-Japanese registration

Non-Japanese registration system is abolished from July 9, 2012 (Heisei 24), and foreign citizen's person is listed in resident certificate, too.
Please see homepage of this Civic Affairs Bureau about new system.
Please see homepage of this Civic Affairs Bureau about special permanent resident certificate.

House indication

Of that built house in house indication district or was rebuilt turn application belonging to, house indication change certificate

Household information change

Family nurturer change (when we change family nurturer), household merger (when we make two households of the same address one), household change (when we move to different household of the same address), household separation (when we divide household into two)

The Network System for Basic Resident Registers , Basic Resident Register card

Summary (we link to page of City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau) of the Network System for Basic Resident Registers

[toward the Basic Resident Register card ooo carrier]
 Re-grant and issuance of electronic certificate to Basic Resident Register card (update) were finished new issuance of Basic Resident Register card.
 When expiration date of electronic certificate stored by Basic Resident Register card expires, Basic Resident Register card cannot use e-Tax (e-tax) in expiration date either.
 As issuance of my number card (electronic certificate is equipped with as standard equipment.) is necessary when electronic certificate is necessary, please apply early.

Public personal identification service (electronic certificate)

Summary of public personal identification service, application method (we link to page of City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau) of electronic certificate

About grant of my number card

Information about grant for my number card

About notice card of my number

[to my number that notice card is not received]
Notice card sent back to ward office finishes grant on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 without being mailed for from November to December in 2015 and being received by absence.
Please see the following guidance about receipt methods.
Guidance (we link to page of City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau) to one where notice card is not received

Reports such as transference studies of elementary and junior high school

New entrance to school (in the case of child whom procedure of public elementary and junior high school accompanied with address transfer, the foreign country family register get on in the case of entrance to school hope to school procedure of private elementary and junior high school out of the school district country when we enter elementary and junior high school in Yokohama-shi school districts

Application, report by mail

Acquisition method, procedures such as applications

Identity verification

Identity verification documents (we link to page of City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau) which is necessary at the time of at the time of family register, resident move notification appearance and proof request

Procedure window

Place, reception hours when we can file

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