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May, 2018 issue area communication for public information yokohama Konan Ward

We introduce local action of everybody!

 This is start nagominoba Noba housing complex district of the truth

Place to stay "nagominoba" of all. We have wish of Kimura of Hayashi of Noba housing complex district Council of Social Welfare's chairperson "where local person wants to prepare place that can rest" into and Chairperson Noba house alliance Neighborhood Association realized, and just two years stand in vacant store of Noba housing complex shopping center in May after opening.

At suggestion from person who knew that "nagominoba" was made, we held classroom of stretching and origami, flute concert and have been pleased until now when we could enjoy in familiar place. On that day monthly singing voice cafe. More than 20 people matched songbook with performance of accordion in hand and sang 14 pieces in a loud voice an hour. When person who participated in one entertainments comes to come for other events and invites acquaintance, coziness spreads out by "word of mouth". Participant doubled when sign language classroom which was open at junior high school moved place before in "nagominoba".

We finish first two years, and, as for everybody engaged in administration, "this says in chorus with true start". Saying "may change little by little, want to take good care more"; Hayashi. New member joins volunteer, and which "let's make upbound flag" ticks away new page 1 of "nagominoba" saying "we will hear hope of participant".

(1) nagominoba photograph 1
(2)nagominoba photograph 2 nagominoba photograph 3
(3)nagominoba photograph 4
(4)nagominoba photograph 5
(5)nagominoba photograph 6
(6)nagominoba photograph 7

[explanation of photograph]
(1) It is beginning of singing voice cafe in hosts of ventriloquism doll "kurichan" and "Sakura"
(2) The second floor of shopping center with "nagominoba." Singing voice sounds
(3) We talk about episode concerning the lyrics between music and sing in spite of being taste
(4) In the scene praising each other's melodious voices
(5) We study sign language while talking on every Wednesday
(6) Concert that full-scale flute performance listens to at suggestion of teacher of junior high school is held

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