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January, 2018 issue area communication for public information yokohama Konan Ward

We introduce local action of everybody!

 It is crossword puzzle plan New Year's present on the New Year

From person who answered quiz correctly, we present New Year's present by lot.
Please challenge.

Local communication: Crossword puzzle 1

 Vertical key

Two wards of flowers. It is symbol of Konan Ward growing up well towards the sun
5 ○○○○ fireworks, ○○○○ engine, downtown area○○○○
Let's receive for 7 early detection, early treatment regularly (hint: on seeing feature!)
Of life when ○○○ which 9 ○○○ meets is common to○○○
When we say 10 love in English?
Doorway of 11 buildings. Major ○○, Luo life○○
When judgment of 12 first trial includes dissatisfaction, demand reexamination from upper court
The king of 13 Britain is one of Shakespeare four major tragedy of main character

 Horizontal key

Tree of ward that we established in 1 constituency system 25th anniversary. It bears red fruit
If forget 2; very much for overseas travel passport!○○○○
Speaking of meat of 3 jingisukan-nabe?
Preparing for argument, disproof so that it is not talked down 4
Inspect 6 eyesight
Thin sharp small fish that April is in season from 8 February. ○Finger such as ○○○
Center, nucleus of 12 thing. "Earnest fan" with "fan who is ○○"


What are words that we display letters which entered trout of red frame of crossword puzzle from the left, and there is?
Theme of special feature of <hint> current issue. Please see page 8, page 9 by all means!

Answer □* * * (four characters)

Local communication: Crossword puzzle 2
Tree Ilex rotunda of ward
Local communication: Crossword puzzle 3
Tree sunflower of ward

 Application method

Please answer both quiz and quiz (from Q1 Q6) of page 8, nine pages of this page. From person whom we answered correctly, we present New Year's present by lot. What next dream (raimu) to ask for New Year's present ※We are available from 3 products of this.
※It is meeting of activity home and local work place for person with obstacle in ward

[application] Write impression, zip code, address, full name, generation, sex, hope product (A B C prize) one of public information yokohama kuban in answer to postcard by January 26; and to ward office Public Relations Section (〒 233 - 0003 4-2-10, Kounan, Kounan-ku, Phone: 045-847-8321 FAX: 045-846-2483)
※We exchange announcement of elected candidate with shipment of prize (it may become prize except hope)
A prize B prize C prize
Local communication: Crossword puzzle 4
Seven Western confectionery sets
Assorted cookies, baked confectioneries
Local communication: Crossword puzzle 5
Five miscellaneous goods sets
Dishcloth, acrylic scrubbing brush, strap
Local communication: Crossword puzzle 6
Five gourd lamps
We introduce in seven pages of June issue of last year

 W chance

We present sunflower goods to ten people from person who came off by lot.

Local communication: Crossword puzzle 7 It is mascot doll and set of simple light!

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