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For 2018 (Heisei 30)

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January issue

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◆Special feature
 ●Aim of this year is decided with "health", and health action is healthy by living in what 5 (five) - usual times in this way; ...
◆Local communication
 ●It is crossword puzzle plan New Year's present on the New Year
◆Pickup information
 ●It is KOUNAN STREET DANCE CONTEST (KSDC) 2018 recruitment of participation teams
 ●Both child and adult are Konan sunflower walk participant offers happily together
 ●We raise temporary workers acting in public facilities in ward on April 1, 2018
 ●We make rice cake over mall highlight in ninth winter, and let's eat freshly made ji chio in Noba housing complex
 ●If the person with a disability office ninth of your town is delicious, how about cookies & pound cake of reputation?
 ●The second application of the use such as nursery schools from April 1 is until Friday, February 9
◆News from ward office
 ●News from facility
 ●Sunflower open space

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※Apology and correction
There were some errors in contents which we published in January issue for public information yokohama Konan Ward. We correct as follows.
●Six pages of pickup information "raises temporary workers acting in public facilities in ward"
 Social movement, lifelong learning support center temporary worker qualifications (as of April 1, 2018)
 It is 45 years old - 64 years old (mistakenly)
 (plus) under 65 years old
We apologize for having caused inhabitants of a ward and people concerned trouble.
In addition, PDF version on homepage becomes right notation.

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