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 Thing before 2008, please use index of this page.

To obtain public information yokohamao

 If "public information yokohama" is for Konan Ward, we issue Yokohama-shi printing block by form of bound volume every month on 1st.
 As for the acquisition method of "public information yokohama", please see this.

Acquisition for Braille version, recording

 We mail recording version of Braille version, recording version for city, each ward version to person that sight is defective.
 If you like, please inform of address, full name, phone number, edition to hope for to the Civic Affairs Bureau public relations section (in the contact information, following).

Notification, reference: The Civic Affairs Bureau public relations section
E-mail: sh-koyoko@city.yokohama.jp
Telephone: 045-671-2332, FAX: 045-661-2351

Contribution to "sunflower open space"

 "Sunflower open space" is for public information yokohama Konan Ward of issuance every month for one day and is corner to tell about events that inhabitants of a ward hosts.
 Including publication standard please see this in detail.

Public information yokohama shiban

 The Civic Affairs Bureau public relations section issues public information yokohama shiban. It is assumed that it is for Konan Ward to bound volume.
 Page of public information yokohama shiban to this

News (Kanagawa public information) of prefecture

 To page of news of prefecture

Public information printed matter except public information paper?

 We perform distribution and reading with booklet or brochure which Yokohama-shi issues at the first floor of the ward office "ward administration information corner".
 As for main thing and the thing with many inquiries from all of you, please see this page from that.

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