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Temporary welfare benefit (for economic measure)

 What is temporary welfare benefit?

With consumption tax rate having been promoted to 8% from April, 2014, we provide with "temporariness welfare benefit" as-like measures in view of influence of burden on people having low income in temporary temporariness.
In Yokohama-shi, we are going to send out news that enclosed application on March 6 to person considered to be targeted for payment. After having accepted application, we are almost paid without defect after examination in around two months from one month. Payment is from April, and application is necessary even for target person to receive benefit.

Specifically, please see from Link to Yokohama-shithis (we link to page of City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau).

 Person who is targeted for supply

Person whom there is resident certificate in the city as of January 1, 2016, and municipal tax for 28 is not levied on
(it does not apply to supporter of levier or recipient of social security.)

 Application period

From Monday, March 6 to Wednesday, September 6 ※Postmark is effective

 Call center

 Dial for exclusive use of Yokohama-shi temporariness welfare benefit

0120-391-370 (reception hours every: on day from 9:00 at 18:00)

 Konan Ward consultation counter (until June 30) ※We do not pay benefit in consultation counter

 Reception hours

From Monday through Friday 9:00 17:00 (is excluded on holiday)

 Setting place

Konan Ward new Government building (getting off at subway Konan-Chuo Station) the third floor

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