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Aerial request postcard and suspicious calls increase rapidly!
Please be careful about aerial request postcards from "civil action control center"!

Please ignore aerial request postcard from "civil action control center"!

 Postcard of imaginary request that talked about public institutions such as Ministry of Justice or court is mailed in large quantities.
 Even if postcard arrives from "civil action control center", you never contact partner, and please ignore without paying. When it is awkward that we feel uneasiness for coping, please talk with Yokohama-shi consumer life consultation center (consumer life consultation 845-6666) immediately.

● Yokohama-shi consumer life consultation center
  Consumer life consultation: 845-6666 (weekdays: for from 9:00 to 18:00 Saturday and Sunday: for from 9:00 to 16:45)

 Consultation that was sent to consumer service centers of the whole country saying that postcard arrived increases rapidly from engine named "civil action control center".

 We guide so that we let you think that consumers have outstanding payment to supplier who used in the past, and which "complaint was submitted to court" talks about withdrawals of suit with "salary, movable property thing, seizure of firmness product" about it after threatening, and having worried.

 We are introduced thing which gives its lawyer when consumers contact "civil action control center" and finally purchase prepaid card at convenience store, and consultation that we have paid money is put.

※ Let roll up the consumer life information side; navigator "monthly consultation report" May, 2018 issue (PDFPDF704KB)

Civil action last notice book (example)

Civil action last notice book (example)


Documents about suit do not arrive by postcard!
Please ignore without contacting!


Please be careful about telephones talking about the staff of public institution!

 Telephones talking about the staff of public institution including ward office and the National Tax Agency occur successively. We seem to be going to get personal information such as family or bank account, property. Prevent you from certainly answering such a call. In public institution, we may not watch personal information on the telephone. You reply that you call back if you have suspicious call, and have I check the public institution and tie to the person in charge with telephone books to hear name and post in charge, the person in charge of public institution.

Please be careful about suspicious calls to talk about staff of ward office!
Refund fraud is occurring frequently in Konan Ward!

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