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Public information, news

Public information, news

Public information yokohama

 It is "public information yokohama Konan Ward version" sending to issuance, all of you every month.
 Back number publishes January, 2006 (Heisei 18) issue.

Press release document

 We publish press release document which Konan Ward made.

Konan Ward event calendar

 It is database of event information that use of inhabitants of a ward facilities such as Konan Ward government office or district center perform.
 We can look for information in Yokohama-shi, too.

Security, reliable information

 It is list of security, relief information including the latest information about disaster prevention, anti-crime program.

News from Health and Welfare Center

 We publish "information about child" and public information paper issuing once a year that we placed "health promotion information" in.

Information garden

 Booklet or brochure which Yokohama-shi issues in the second floor of the ward office "in this way anything information garden to eat" distribution read.
 It is on the second floor of the ward office.

Information disclosure

 It is information for disclosure request page about procedure of "administrative document" and "personal information of self" that Yokohama-shi holds.

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