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 We extract high information of importance, emergency from anti-crime program, disaster prevention information sending to in Konan Ward homepage "safety net Konan" particularly and, other than window, outline of business of ward office, information about Saturday open agency, provide and support approach of anti-crime program, disaster prevention activity of inhabitants of a ward.
 In addition, there is bulletin board of holding, cancellation information of event in charge of Seki, Minami-ku, Minato, too (only as for the event that we informed that sponsor told beforehand in portable site).

Mobile phone1 Saturday window guidance
2 ward office summaries
3 windows, outline of business
4 facility telephone books
5 emergencies
6 anti-crime program, disaster prevention information
7 Konan Ward event information bulletin boards (information such as event cancellation)
To 8 Yokohama Y-WEB (city mobile version homepage)


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