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Holiday, night emergency care

Konan Ward holiday emergency clinics

Clinical department, time

Medical departments
Internal medicine, the pediatrics
(in the case of other medical departments, please search from the following "Yokohama-shi First Aid Medical Treatment Center".)
Medical treatment day
It is January 3 from Sundays and holidays and December 30
The consultation hours
It is 16:00 from 10:00
Reception hours
It is 15:45 from 9:45

The location, telephone

Konan Chuo-dori 7 - 29
The nearest station
Subway Konan-Chuo Station 5-minute walk


・Take without forgetting health insurance card and cash.

 Look at page of Konan Ward medical association about emergency clinics on holiday.

Yokohama-shi First Aid Medical Treatment Center

 If we go to medical institution for sudden disease and injury or call ambulance or hesitate, please consult with emergency consultation center.
 We carry out medical institution guidance that we can receive.

 #7119 (cell-phone, PHS, push line)
 045-222-7119 (available over all telephones)

 Yokohama-shi First Aid Medical Treatment Center Web site

Yokohama-shi first aid consultation guide

 If "we call ambulance or are wondering whether you go to hospital."
  Yokohama-shi first aid consultation guide
 From this, you can see Link to Yokohama-shiYokohama-shi first aid consultation guide (we link to page of City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau).
 You choose either of "PC tablet" or "smartphone", and please advance to page after the movement. Doctor

Medical institution in Konan Ward

 When he/she is looking for medical institution of neighborhood, please see this.


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