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Registration, rabies vaccination business trip venue of dog was finished in 2018.

Registration and rabies vaccination of dog

Why are registration of dog and preventive injection of rabies necessary?

Photograph of dog As well as dog, we are infected with all mammals including person, and rabies is approximately 100% of mortal diseases when it develops. There is not infection in the country last in Japan in 1957 (Showa 32), but tens of thousands of people a year still lose their life in all parts of the world.
 At the present when means of transportation developed, this disease is in the situation that can invade Japan anytime.
 Because rabies has predominantly many cases infecting person from dog, dog which everybody keeps can prevent the fashion at the time of invasion of emergency by letting preventive injection be popular.

 As registration and annual rabies vaccination are duty of owner established in law, please go by all means.

About procedure

Have without separating "rabies vaccination finished vote grant application", and to venue nearby or animal Hospital

Rate: Have been injected; vote grant fee 550 yen, injection rate 3,050 yen in business trip venue
     (dog of non-registration needs registration charges 3,000 yen separately)

※Please refer to individual animal hospitals for injection rate at animal hospital.

For more details, please confirm homepage of animal protection center.

Registration, rabies vaccination business trip venue itinerary of 2018 dog

※Registration and rabies vaccination of dog in business trip venue this year were finished.

TimeDayTimeVenue nameThe location
April 4 WED The morning Hall in Sekicho Bamboo grass lower 2-4-9
April 10 TUE The morning **in (parking lot) 5-1-3, Kaminagaya
The afternoon Hinochuuo Park (parking lot side front entrance) 2-2, Hinochuuo
April 17 TUE The morning Setting the term guardian deity of children (parking lot) 1-67-30, Higiriyama
The afternoon Okubo Park 1-16, Okubo
April 19 THU The morning Amusement place of Kaminagaya high speed way lower child 3-1, Kaminagaya
The afternoon seisen, Konan plaza community hall 4-10-2, Higiriyama
April 23 MON All day Konan contact park Konan 4-2
April 26 THU The morning Hall in Okitacho 5-22-1, Hino
The afternoon Enokido Park 6-25, Kounandai

  The morning: From 10:00 a.m. to 12:00
  The afternoon: From 1:30 p.m. to 3:00
  All day: From 10:00 a.m. to 12:00, from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00
   ◆We update every year in about March about schedule

When we finished rabies vaccination at animal hospital

 You receive grant of certificate which has been inoculated at animal hospital and have the certificate to Environmental Sanitation Section (the fifth floor of the ward office 51st window, Phone: 045-847-8445), and please file.
(it has been injected, and vote grant fee 550 yen is necessary.)

Registration of dog and procedure of rabies vaccination changed from 2015.
In addition, in the case of animal Hospital in Yokohama-shi which received trust, grant procedure of rabies vaccination and rabies vaccination finished vote is possible together.
For more details, please confirm homepage of animal protection center.

※When veterinarian gives a diagnosis of as rabies vaccination not being received at disease and advanced age, of rabies vaccination
You receive issuance of postponement certificates from veterinarian, and please report.

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