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Health, medical care, hygiene


"Password" for Konan inhabitant of a ward
We learn what 5 (five) in this way, and let's begin healthy action because we can do it!

We support health promotion of everybody working in Konan Ward!
Do you not begin healthy management?

It is kenkonan (healthy what) well! (we link to page of Konan fire department )
... paramedic is lecturer! Emergency reliable lecture ... for elderly people

Health of the mother and the child

 Health Checkups, Vaccinations of the infants period, consultation of dentistry, nutrition, consultation about child care

Health Checkups, inspection

 Health Checkups, cancer screening, health club, health consultation of adult, consultation, inspection (anonymity) of AIDS, various inspection



Health promotion, consultation

 Health club, health consultation of adult, mental health consultation, medical care benefits systems such as incurable disease , event about health promotion, healthy walking map

Blood donation, donor registration

 Blood donation, donor registration (kotsumama bank, organ donation)

Holiday, night emergency care

 Konan Ward holiday emergency clinics , Yokohama City Emergency Medical Information Center , emergency pediatric service telephone consultation, guide of first aid treatment

Medical license application of relationships

 Doctor, dentist, dietician, cook, list of handling licenses, fee including drug handler, identity verification at the time of application

Medical institution in Konan Ward

 Medical institution search, medium and small-sized business office physical checkup acceptance possibility medical institution


 If we keep registration and rabies vaccination, cat of dog to live with dog comfortably peacefully

Extermination of harmful insects

 Stories of the extermination, mold and tick of bee

Food hygiene, drinking water

 To that provides food by event to be open in restaurant food hygiene, food poisoning, management of drinking water



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