The welfare

System about elderly person

Single life and support to bedridden dementia, sickly person

Consultation is elderly person charge, the fourth floor of the ward office 41st window, call: To 045-847-8415.

[PDF]Service (home helping, facility service) target in nursing-care insurance system (link to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau. Portable Document Format 4,059KB.) 
Welfare health service except The Long-term Care Insurance received in own house
Information for facility entrance (we link to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau.)

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The Long-term Care Insurance

Guidance about The Long-term Care Insurance

Support of house

The furtherance or financing, Municipal Housing of house improvement expense

Reduction of taxes such as fee, tax

Exemption of water rate, sewer rate or reduction of tax

Health, medical system

Physical checkup or medical system for elder senior citizens

Work, social participation, care prevention

Elderly person job placement, golden age club, elderly person welfare university
The care prevention (we link to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau.)

Service that is received according to age

With Hama card, respect for the old special ride identification of, pension

Elderly person welfare health guide

Konan Ward elderly person welfare health guide downloading

Local inclusion care system

Konan Ward action guideline for construction of Yokohama model area inclusion care system

Consultation, inquiry

List of consultation counters about the welfare and health of elderly person

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