Elderly person support

Konan Ward elderly person welfare health guide

We know service, the facility supporting comfortable living of elderly person at first sight

Konan Ward elderly person welfare health guide distributes in ward office Elderly and Disabled Support Division, Local Elderly Care Management Center.
In addition, we can download PDF version from the following.

[standing matter] Konan Ward elderly person welfare health guide PDF version

Elderly person guide cover
April, 2017 issuance

 PDF Cover (PDF 272KB)

 PDF The cover back (information for call center) (PDF 52KB)

 PDF Table of contents (PDF 377KB)

 PDF Thing (PDF 813KB) about consultation counter

 PDF Thing (PDF 586KB) about welfare health service, business

 PDF Thing (PDF 680KB) about house, facility

 PDF Thing (PDF 672KB) about health

 PDF Thing (PDF 622KB) about the making of hobby, purpose of life, social activity

 PDF Thing (PDF 841KB) about reduction of taxes, subtraction, vote

 PDF Index (PDF 325KB)

 PDF Back cover (PDF 28KB)

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