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The welfare

Elderly person support

System about elderly person

 With single life and bedridden dementia, support to sickly person, support of house, reduction of taxes such as processing fee, taxes, system, The Long-term Care Insurance of health, medical care, jobs, society participation, long-term care prevention, Hama card, list of consultation counters, booklet "Konan Ward elderly person welfare health guide"

Person with a disability support

System for person with a disability

 We want to participate in sports, cultural activities to find comfortable life, house, support of medical expenses , everyday life tool, assistive device, various medical treatments, pension , reduction of taxes, rehabilitation, work of subtraction, utilities of tax

Service guidance according to obstacle

 "Guidance of the obstacle welfare" (service easy-to-understand guide) (link to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

Konan Ward disaster tower support brochure (person with a disability edition) required

"Our being able to do it for earthquake"

Person whom life is troubling

Basic principle of social security, kind (we link to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau) of social security

Life poor independence support system (we link to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

"News from Health and Welfare Center"

 It is public information paper which we placed reference in the case of sudden illness, information about elderly person, person with a disability, information about baby, child, information about health promotion in.
 In every year May of each household distribute. Few person come to ward office Public Relations Section (the second-floor first) at hand.

Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning

 Anyone has pride with community-based welfare health planning as member of community and devises for realization of community which can live lively.

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