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Map of Konan Ward

Konan Ward-related map information to be available from homepage of Yokohama-shi

We collected links to inhabitant of a ward life map of Konan Ward, bus map, disaster prevention map, hazard map.

General map

Konan Ward inhabitant of a ward life map

Subway, bus

Municipal bus route map
 We link to page of Transportation Bureau

 Please see homepage of bus service company about route map except municipal bus.
 In the homepage of bus service company, please see page of association of this Kanagawa bus.

Disaster prevention relations

Konan Ward disaster prevention map

Konan Ward earth and sand disaster hazard map

Flood hazard map
 We link to page of General Affairs Bureau.

Liquefaction map
 It is map which predicted risk of liquefaction by representative assumption earthquake that it is thought that we have an influence on Yokohama-shi.
 We link to page of General Affairs Bureau.

Earth and sand disaster caution areas map area with respect
 We link to page of Kanagawa.

Earth and sand disaster black spot map
 We link to page of Kanagawa.

We map disaster prevention with respect noisily (Konan Ward)
 We link to General Affairs Bureau "Yokohama citizen disaster prevention information".

Administrative map information

We link to page of administrative map reporting system

We can see the following map from this page.
・"i- muppie" town development map information (restricted zone, Building Standard Act road classification), "ground View" ground map information
・Figure of "yokohamanomichi" road account book information (figure of road account book, authorized route map)
・Figure of "daichan map" community sewer account book information
・"yokohamano property tax land prices based on accessibility"
We can look for various map information including topographical map which we utilize these others websites and offer.


Oldness and town pride guidebook of Konan
 We introduce popular spot and thing only by Konan Ward based on 1,405 application from inhabitants of a ward.

Around Mt. Japanese yen sea map
 It is map to introduce hiking course of green tract of land around the Mt. Japanese yen sea to.
 We link to homepage of Environmental Planning Bureau.

Healthy walking map
・"Sunflower health walk 5" (September, 2014 issuance)
 Walk distance and calories-out, the time required of nine courses are published. It is indispensable for health promotion.
・"Sunflower health walk 4" (June, 2013 issuance)
 Course to own pace is available. 3 courses that increased new View Point

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