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Oldness and Konan

Symbol of Konan Ward



 Flower "sunflower" of ward got close to inhabitant of a ward becomes motif.
 Like "sunflower growing up well towards the sun," we image the active administration of a ward by opening brightly. Of petal express culture, education, the welfare, livingness of ward administration such as town planning one by one.
 In commemoration of (1994, 1994) of the 25th anniversary of the constituency system, we established.

Flower of ward

Flower of ward invited public participation from inhabitants of a ward in commemoration of (1979, 1979) of the tenth anniversary of the administration of a ward enforcement and established.

Sunflower (sunflower)

 As for the sunflower, figure of that magnificent large flower sunflower which seems to symbolize summer with costmary is wonderful.
 As for solar cause to glisten, "sunflower" prospering at ease brightly, one of the chosen reasons includes that it is flower deserving to be if we symbolize "progress Konan Ward".

Bellflower (bellflower)

 Bellflower is flower growing wild with plant of bellflower department in hills and fields of various parts of Japan.
 It was frequent in Konan Ward before. We were chosen with wish to "be important in nature".

Hydrangea (hydrangea)

 Hydrangea is plant of saxifrage family.
 It was chosen that we expressed "the sum of inhabitant of a ward" because some small petals gathered and became one big beauty.

Tree of chicken ward of ward 

 In commemoration of (1994, 1994) of the 25th anniversary of the constituency system, we established tree of chicken, ward of ward.
 As a result of gathering chicken appropriate for Konan Ward and votes of tree targeting at Konan Ward residence, working, attendance at school on choosing chicken, tree of Konan Ward, and having considered in reference to result by selection committee, we were chosen by "Japanese great tit" and "Ilex rotunda".

Japanese great tit (Japanese great tit)

Japanese great titPhotograph of Japanese great tit

Ilex rotunda (kokutetsumochi)

Ilex rotundaPhotograph of Ilex rotunda

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