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Education, the young people

School education

Entrance to school procedure information for elementary and junior high school

 When if enter notice of elementary and junior high school of entrance to school, elementary and junior high school of country, private institution, move to, and school district changes, and transfer (transference), change enters in elementary and junior high school; consultation about attendance at school, Subsidies for School Expenses system

Support of scholarship, educational expenses

 High school scholarship (we link to page of City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat)

List of consultation counters about education

 Consultation about attendance at school, consultation of bullying, truancy, consultation about special support education, Education Counseling with with overseas transference

Board school, junior high school, high school, special support school in Konan Ward

 It is school location map (outline), collection of links to school homepage

 School introduction: What ward is so for public information and can read article that you published

 We display stained glass of Konan Junior High School student!

Young people business

 Meeting (Konan Ward child forum, child "dream" support business, Konan Ward youth development society) promoting Konan Ward young people healthy upbringing, young people instructor meeting, child watch and are introduced young people event in safety measures, sunflower interchange business, Konan Ward

Child after school

 After-School Care Program Clubs is kids club, Konandai vigor vigor play park after school true child contact school

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