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Konan engineering works office

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We updated page of "question and answer about design book" on February 20.
We raise drink vending machine setting companies in Konan engineering works office on February 12.
We updated page of "main construction of this month" on February 1.

Related thing to road, the sewer, park, each application are this

Related thing (as for the application way) to road
Related thing (as for the application way) to the sewer
Related thing (as for the application way) to park

Construction, design, contract

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Emergency contact number

Management division and the situationContact informationPhone number
City street in Konan Ward
  • Road cave-in if is damaged
  • If facilities such as gutter or manhole are broken
  • If street light of highway is cut
  • If guardrail is broken
  • If convex mirror is broken
  • If road (guidance, attention) mark is broken
Konan engineering works office Telephone: 045-843-3711
If there is dead animal on the road Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Konan office Telephone: 045-832-0135
If crime prevention light in residential area cuts Each Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations Please consult with officer or group leader
If street light of mall is cut Each Store Association Visit in store nearby
If road (traffic regulation) mark is broken
If signal is broken
Konan police department Telephone: 045-842-0110
If telephone pole is broken
If electric wire cuts
NTT ME Tozuka service
NTT ME center service
Telephone: 045-867-0095
Telephone: 045-640-2423 (most door 1 chome, 2)
Tokyo Electric Power customer center Telephone: 0120-99-5771
If we discover leak of water on road Water Works Bureau customer Service Center Telephone: 045-847-6262
If we discover gas leak on road TOKYO GAS gas light 24 Telephone: 045-322-0024

Information for Konan engineering works office

Open agency time: It is 17:00 from 8:45
(except Saturday, Sundays and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays)
We carry out reading such as figures of figure of border investigation, road account book (reading system) or authorization grant in time (from noon to 1:00 p.m.) for the lunch break.
But please note that you may have to wait until duties start time of the afternoon at the time of grant including authorization when instruction, instructions from the person in charge are necessary.

In addition, we call for 24 hours and accept thing about repair to need emergency regardless of the above.

There is no Konan engineering works office in Konan Ward government office (Konan Ward synthesis Government building).

The location is as follows 

 The location: 〒 233 - 0013 1-9-10, Maruyamadai, Kounan-ku (guide map)
 Telephone: 045-843-3711, FAX: 045-845-6489

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