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The pregnancy, delivery

If we understand the pregnancy

Baby baby carriage
Mother and child health handbook
Please tell ward office if you receive diagnosis of the pregnancy with medical institution.
In addition, we accept consultation of the pregnancy, delivery.
※Please see this about necessary thing at the time of grant.
(we link to homepage of Child and Youth Bureau)

 ※It is for English version, Chinese edition, the Hangul Alphabet and is for Portuguese and is for Spanish, and, toward the foreigner, there is Vietnamese version.
 ※Person needing Braille commentary book, please report.

Health consultation, dental health examination of expectant mothers
We perform health consultation from the pregnancy to after giving birth, nutrition consultation, blood pressure measurement, dental health examination, toothbrushing instruction
Health consultation from mother's milk consultation, conception adjustment, sterile consultation, puberty to the menopause
Mother (parents) classroom
Person and husband, family becoming mother for the first time can participate.

If baby is born

If baby is born
Birth registration form, the infants medical expenses furtherance, newborn baby visit, delivery child care lump sum, Child Allowance

If we have been in trouble

If we have been in trouble
Consultation of the pregnancy, delivery, consultation of delivery expense

To foreigner (For foreign residents)

There is each national language version of mother and child health handbook
Children and Families Support Division Children and Families Support Section, the fourth floor of the ward office 40th window, telephone: 045-847-8410
Guide for Foreign Residents "Guide to Living in Yokohama"
English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese
Guidance for foreign language


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