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Child care



Child care

The pregnancy, delivery

Mother and child health handbook, health consultation, dental health examination, birth registration form of expectant mothers, the pregnancy, delivery, sterile consultation, health consultation from puberty to the menopause, pregnant woman cooking class

Let's bring up into cheerful child

Check ups for Infants and Toddlers, Vaccinations, parents classroom, the infants medical expenses furtherance

Consultation of the infants period dentistry, nutrition

Process of baby food, trouble of meal of child, cares in mouth

When we want to leave child

It is kids club after school nursery school, kindergarten, After-School Care Program Clubs, hama child contact school

Education of child

Entrance to school procedure information for elementary and junior high school, child after school, support of scholarship, educational expenses, list of schools

We want to know information of child care

Public information yokohama, news from Health and Welfare Center

What should I do by child care that's a problem?

It is consultation counter about child care from infants to pubertal child

Child care together

It is - interchange childcare, child care course with - child care group (mother club), professional of child care with friend happily

Subsidy program that intellect profits

Medical care benefits, Child Allowance about child, support to single-parent home, child with a disability child care allowance

Foster-parent system, adoption

What is foster parent who wants to meet adopted child, adopted daughter? -

Recruitment of child care-related staff information

It is recruitment of child care-related staff information including part-time job of nursery staff in municipal nursery school

Recruitment of local child care support base administration corporations information

About open call for participants of local child care support base "hatchi" administration corporation

Damage information report at the time of earthquake occurrence

Report is published about the damage situation by childcare, educational facility in ward

Correspondence book at the time of disaster

We publish confirmation methods of safety information of each local evacuation sites and child in pocket size

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