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Disaster tower support project required

 Elderly person or person with a disability having difficulty in own strength refuge at the time of disaster support approach of is voluntary, assisting in area other than providing by pivot tower list at disaster so that safety confirmation or refuge support of "disaster tower required" are performed smoothly.  

Tower support notebiki required "is made with structure protecting area from disaster" at disaster for Konan Ward

  Disaster tower support notebiki for Konan Ward required
  About the making of structure of "community support" which supported elderly person or person with a disability at the time of disaster in area, we made leaflet.
 As you placed, in normal, please utilize methods to grasp person that answer to example of support at the time of disaster and common question, support at the time of disaster are necessary.


 We published text version 


Konan Ward disaster tower support project information sharing method implementation manual required 

 We explain "information sharing method" that is one of the methods to grasp tower required on pushing forward approach of tower support required in area at disaster.
 We publish flow and ward of procedure and model of agreement to conclude, necessary style.

Konan Ward disaster tower support brochure (supporter edition / person with a disability edition / storm and flood damage) ← NEW required!

  In Konan Ward, we distribute three kinds of brochures about impaired one, disaster prevention for one to support.

Approach casebook (PDF: 5,205KB) for disaster tower support required

 It is casebook of Health and Social Welfare Bureau making. (March, 2013 making, July, 2017 revised edition)
 We arranged method and approach contents, point to settle the system which assisted tower required in local everybodies. We do not suggest that we work on all the examples that we introduced. To the local fact, please inflect for disaster prevention activity or caring.

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