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Konan Ward security, reliable information email

What is reliable information email Konan Ward security?

"Konan Ward security, reliable information email" is service to deliver to cell-phone having imminent crisis information and PC of home for inhabitants of a ward.

Mobile phonePC

Contents which are delivered?

●Disaster information that occurred in Konan Ward
●Crime information to occur frequently in Konan Ward
●Information about bee and food poisoning to occur in the summertime
●Fire prevention measures information of winter
 We deliver imminent crisis information for nado, inhabitants of a ward.

Delivery example

Information about suspension of water supply in Konan Ward
○Suspension of water supply occurred in a part in Konan Ward for ○ at time. We check cause of suspension of water supply and perform repair work, but possibility of restoration is about the midday of today now. I am sorry to cause trouble. As for the details, please see homepage http://www ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○.

Please be careful about suspicious calls to give their staff of ward office!
There was a phone call from inhabitant of a ward today when "we gave staff of Konan Ward government office, and there was suspicious call that was going to get phone number of person who lived in neighborhood".
As you may not ask phone number of person living in neighborhood at ward office, please be careful. In addition, it is talked with family without being upset on suspicious calls such as wire fraud or hopes that we confirm to the person.

Time of delivery?

When the critical situation occurred in Konan Ward at delivery time and when it is necessary to rouse attention.
※ Even if it is the critical situation, please note that you may not deliver by circumstances.


With mail delivery service withdrawal

Engine link concerned

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