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When understand the person in charge names; from this
 General Information
 General Affairs Division: General Affairs SectionBudget Adjustment SectionStatistics and Elections Section
 Ward Administration Promotion Division: Public Relations SectionPlanning and Adjustment SectionPlanning and Adjustment Section
 Regional Promotion Division: Local administration promotion person in chargeResources Reuse PromotionInhabitant of a ward activity support person in chargeYouth development charge
 Family Registry Division: Family register proof issuance windowFamily Registry SectionRegistration Section
 Tax Division: Tax proof issuance windowTax Receipt SectionCity Tax SectionLand SectionHouse charge
 Ward's Treasurer's Office: Accounting Section
 Health and Welfare Division: Administration Planning SectionBusiness planning staffHealth Promotion Section
 Life support section: Life support person in charge, person in charge of office work
 Elderly and Disabled Support Division: Elderly and Disabled Support SectionElderly person support chargePerson with a disability support chargeThe Long-term Care Insurance charge
 Children and Families Support Division: Children and Families Support SectionChildcare chargeSchool cooperation, child charge
 Insurance and Pension Division: Payment responsibleNational Health Insurance SectionTax Receipt SectionNational Pension Plan Section
 Health Sanitation Division: Environmental Sanitation Section, Food Sanitation Section
 The night, holiday reception counter

Information for ward office business hours, access
Information for Saturday open agency
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 The first floor

Section namePerson in charge nameBusiness contentPhone numberFAX numberWindow number
General Information Government building guidance, administration of a ward information corner      
Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section Life memorial tree acceptanceSpecial consultationPublic informationPublic hearingInformation disclosureRequest and petition 045-847-8321 045-846-2483 The first
The night, holiday reception counter Overtime reception desk of Family Registry Section window      

 The second floor

Section namePerson in charge nameBusiness contentPhone numberFAX numberWindow number
Family Registry Division Family register proof issuance window Family register (removal from a register) *shohonCopying of tag of family registerIdentificationCopying of resident certificateSeal Registration proofResident certificate items mentioned proof     The second
Family Registry Section Reports such as the marriage, divorce, birth, the death, fire burial, reinterment permission 045-847-8331 045-841-1281 The 20th
Registration Section Transference, transferenceSeal RegistrationAttendance at school of elementary and junior high schoolThe Network System for Basic Resident Registers connectionElectronic proof, my number card connectionSpecial permanent resident certificate connectionIndication is house-related 045-847-8335 The 21st
The 22nd
Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance Section payment responsible It is the medical expenses furtherance of single-parent homes payment, qualification or other reports of elderly aged 75 or over medical care and payment, severe person with a disability, children with National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance 045-847-8423 045-845-8413 The 23rd
National Health Insurance Section Qualification or other reports of National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance 045-847-8425 The 24th
National Health Insurance Section Tax Receipt Section Payment, consultation (only on weekdays) of National Health Insurance charges, Long-term Care Insurance Premium, elderly aged 75 or over medical care premium 045-847-8426 The 25th
National Pension Plan Section National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)-related participation, reports, consultation, application of exemption, student payment exception, application of Disability Basic Pension 045-847-8421 The 26th
Bank of Yokohama "Koban" (police box)
(from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. Closed on open agency day on Saturday)
Payment of various premiums of city tax, Yokohama-shi, release of Yokohama-shi income certificate stamp     The 27th
Ward's Treasurer's Office Accounting Section Income, expenditure procedure of Yokohama-shi public money 045-847-8386   The 28th

 The third floor

Section namePerson in charge nameBusiness contentPhone numberFAX numberWindow number
Tax Division Tax practice proof issuance window Taxation, tax-free proofFixed assets (evaluation) proofCity tax tax payment proofRegistration, junk cars such as motor bikes     The third
Tax Receipt Section Payment, consultation of city tax, nonpayment city tax 045-847-8375 045-841-1596 The 30th
City Tax Section Municipal tax, light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei) 045-847-8351 The 31st
Land Section Property tax, urban planning tax of land 045-847-8360 The 32nd
House charge Property tax, urban planning tax of house 045-847-8365

 The fourth floor

Section namePerson in charge nameBusiness contentPhone numberFAX numberWindow number
Children and Families Support Division Children and Families Support Section Child Allowance, mother and child health handbook, infants medical examination, specific childhood chronic disease, nurture medical care, upbringing medical care, mother (parents) classroom, child care consultation, woman welfare consultation 045-847-8410 045-842-0813 The 40th
The welfare, Child Raising Allowance of single-parent homes, child with a disability (under 18 years old) consultation, procedure 045-847-8457
Childcare charge Nursery school entrance, consultation 045-847-8498
School cooperation, child charge School cooperates and raises elementary school student after school (after-school child day care) 045-847-8393
Child, home support consultation 045-847-8439
Elderly and Disabled Support Division Elderly and Disabled Support Section Card, toll road (ETC) person with a disability discount with designated incurable disease (specific disease), special ticket (obstacle), respect for the old special identification of ride (respect for the old pass), Hama 045-847-8454 045-845-9809 The 41st
Elderly person support charge Consultation about welfare health of elderly person, right protection of elderly person, certification of care need application, the care prevention, the dementia prevention 045-847-8415
Person with a disability support charge Person with a disability (18 years old or older) consultation, procedure, mental health welfare consultation, procedure 045-847-8459
The Long-term Care Insurance charge Support, instruction to certification of care need, home care support company 045-847-8495
Life support section Life support person in charge Consultation, application such as social security 045-847-8404 045-847-0378 The 43rd
Person in charge of office work Payment procedure of welfare allowance, reception desk of money of war dead bereaved special condolence 045-847-8434

 The fifth floor

Section namePerson in charge nameBusiness contentPhone numberFAX numberWindow number
Health and Welfare Division Administration Planning Section Local welfare officer, children's committee relations, city disaster ex gratia payment 045-847-8432 045-846-5981 The 50th
Business planning staff Konan sunflower plan, ward Council of Social Welfare relations, community care plaza, welfare health practice base 045-847-8441
Health Promotion Section Health promotion allied enterprise, health consultation, nutrition consultation, cancer screening, Vaccinations, dentistry health, A-bomb victim notebook, tuberculosis, infectious disease, AIDS measures 045-847-8438 The 53rd
Health Sanitation Division Environmental Sanitation Section Application, reports such as hairdressing, beauty, cleaning, hygiene pest, hygiene management consultation of building, cistern to receive, registration of dog, consultation of pets, registration of animal handling business 045-847-8445 045-846-5981 The 51st
Food Sanitation Section License application such as patente, instruction such as restaurants, consultation of food hygiene, application, reports such as medical facilities, drugstore, healthcare worker, cook, dietician license 045-847-8444 The 52nd
Regional Promotion Division Local administration promotion person in charge Mall promotion, road safety, member of consumer life promotion are related to promotion, communication adjustment of citizen's organization such as Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, local anti-crime program, the shared territorial bonding group authorization 045-847-8391 045-842-8193 The 54th
Resources Reuse Promotion Reduction, recycling promotion of garbage, beautification of town, illegal dumping measures 045-847-8398
Inhabitant of a ward activity support person in charge Sports promotionCulture promotionSocial movement, lifelong learning supportUse of inhabitant of a ward facility connection 045-847-8394
Youth development charge Young healthy upbringing 045-847-8396
Inhabitant of a ward activity support center The fifth floor of yumeooka office tower (Kami-Ooka Station direct connection) 045-841-9361 045-841-9362  
Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section Plan, adjustment of main business of ward, making of rule consultation of town 045-847-8327 045-841-7030 The 55th
Planning and Adjustment Section General area support, promotion of local power, collection of local information 045-847-8383
General Affairs Division General Affairs Section We change anti-disaster measures, grant of the car temporary number, social movement insurance, jurisdiction and prove and leave something in Government building 045-847-8305 045-841-7030 The 56th
Budget Adjustment Section The accounting of ward, Government building management 045-847-8307
Statistics and Elections Section Conduct, document reading of various statistics investigations, the execution, board of elections of various election, the bright election promotion meeting secretariat 045-847-8308

Konan engineering works office 1-9-10, Maruyamadai (Phone: 045-843-3711, FAX: 045-845-6489)
Kami-Ooka Station service counter in the city hall subway Kami-Ooka Station yard bus terminal side (the Tozuka side) wicket (Phone: 045-848-0171)
The third floor of Konandai service counter in the city hall JR Konandai Station side 214, Kounandai building (Phone: 045-835-2664)

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