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Konan Ward government office guidance

 Konan Ward government office traffic access

The nearest station is municipal subway Konan-Chuo Station drop off walk two minutes.

New ward Government building access

 Parking lot (based on paid ※ Government building parking lot regulations, charge is set.  Headroom: 2.1m) 

 Use time

 It is 21:30 from 8:30
(news that is absent for the Konan Ward general Government building parking lot year-end and New Year holidays except January 3 from December 29)


Parking rate It is 21:30 from 8:30 30 minutes /150 Japanese yen
It is 8:30 from 21:30 60 minutes /100 Japanese yen
Maximum rate The night upper limit It is 8:30 /500 Japanese yen from 21:30
The day upper limit (only on Saturday, Sundays and holidays) It is 21:30 /1, 200 yen from 8:30

 Reduction of taxes system (reduction of taxes who received the certification can use ward office by the use free for a certain period of time)

 You hand stationed-in-bike-race ticket to the staff of window which was used to receive reduction of taxes, and please receive the certification.

When you come to ward office by procedure, consultation 60 minutes
When Check ups for Infants and Toddlers is received Time required free of charge
Impaired person and the caregiver Time required free of charge

 ※It is only parking lot (Times Konan Ward synthesis Government building) of ward Government building basement to become reduction of taxes. Times parking lot of neighborhood
  As it does not become reduction of taxes, please be careful.

 ※Use does not become a target of reduction of taxes system any place other than ward office.

 ※When there is window congestion, there is a charge for thing more than free time.

  I would like understanding, cooperation to use public transport (train, bus) as much as possible when you come to ward office.

 Detailed information of ward office parking lot

Times Konan Ward synthesis Government building: http://times-info.net/P14-kanagawa/C111/park-detail-BUK0041748/ (parking lot administration: Times 24)
 ※We understand the state of "empty car" "congestion" "no vacancies", too.

Information for directions to Konan Ward government office

 Railroad, expressway, general road
 Timetable (municipal subway, JR, Keihin Electric Express, bus)

 Ward organization guidance few in Konan Ward synthesis Government building

 Konan engineering works office

 Location guide look at this.

 Nursery school

 List of public nursery school location

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