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Konan Ward synthesis Government building moved in March, 2017

Konan Ward synthesis Government building moved to new Government building

 New general Government building was completed, and Konan Ward synthesis Government building (ward office, fire department) moved in March, 2017.

The new Konan Ward synthesis Government building location

〒233-0003 4-2-10, Kounan, Kounan-ku, Yokohama-shi ※There is no change of phone number

 It is 160 meters from subway Konan-Chuo Station exit 1
 It is 160 meters in front of bus stop Konan Ward synthesis Government building
 ※Please use public transport as much as possible in the next agency.

New Konan Ward synthesis Government building access map

About parking lot

Use time It is 21:30 from 8:30
Charge It is 21:30 from 8:30 30 minutes /150 Japanese yen
It is 8:30 from 21:30 60 minutes /100 Japanese yen
Maximum rate The night upper limit It is 8:30 /500 Japanese yen from 21:30
The day upper limit (only on Saturday, Sundays and holidays) It is 21:30 /1, 200 yen from 8:30

(news that is absent for the Konan Ward general Government building parking lot year-end and New Year holidays except January 3 from December 29)

When you come to reduction of taxes system ward office by procedure, consultation: 60 minutes
       When Check ups for Infants and Toddlers is received: Time required free of charge
       Impaired person and the caregiver: Time required free of charge

Here changed in new general Government building

It is plain to objective window

 Including general information which we placed on the first floor, the staff guides in exact carefulness. We separated window signature by color and devised at first sight to be plain.

In space that we can file for effectively

 We made Family Registry Division and Insurance and Pension Division that person from next agency of a lot of first came the second floor and became easy to access with escalator. We can file for all the target duties on the second floor in open agency on Saturday.
 In addition, we had window in consideration for privacy including placement of partition panel. 

It is easy to use as anyone

 We increased number of elevator and became easy to spend widening waiting for space comfortably when we used wheelchair and stroller.
 We installed crib in men's room, and anyone installed available multifunctional restroom in each floor. In addition, we installed nursing room in the first floor, the third floor, the fourth floor that a lot of people from next agency with child visited.   

To eco-friendly facilities resisting disaster

 We adopted seismically isolated structure which reduced shaking of earthquake and became able to cope quickly when major earthquake and storm and flood damage were generated by having installed machinery in loft.
 In addition, in consideration for environment, we adopted air conditioning and photovoltaic power generation using spring of subway.

News about redevelopment of Konan public hall

 Konan public hall is closed from April, 2017 to 2020 (plan) and performs redevelopment. Meanwhile, I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like understanding, cooperation.

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