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Konan Ward government office guidance

Konan Ward government office

The location, business hours

The location 〒233-0003 4-2-10, Kounan, Kounan-ku, Yokohama-shi
※Engineering works office, nursery school is place where is different from ward Government building. Please see this.
Window handling time Monday through Friday (from holiday, December 29 except January 3)
It is 17:00 from 8:45
※Duties that inquiry is necessary for other cities at 13:00 from 12:00
 You may have to wait until 13:00.
[it deals only with some duties]
Every month second fourth Saturday (from December 29 except January 3)
It is 12:00 from 9:00
As there are duties not to be able to deal with, please confirm in "Saturday open agency".
Telephone ●Ward office main phone number: 045-847-8484
Yokohama-shi call center (inquiry to city hall, ward office)
 Every day from 8:00 a.m. 9:00 p.m. (accept in year round.)
 Telephone: 045-664-2525, FAX: 045-664-2828
Access, map Access

Service counter in the city hall

We can take certificates such as resident certificate or Seal Registration Certificate and certificate of city tax even if we do not go to ward office.
There is proof that we can take at morning and night on weekdays on Sunday Saturday.
But certificate of family register, abridgment, copying of tag of family register limit other certificates to thing of with address in Yokohama-shi one with permanent domicile in Yokohama-shi.
Detailed thing look at "handling office work, reception hours and handing over time here for certificate".

 Kamiooka service counter in the city hall telephone: 045-848-0171 (subway Kami-Ooka Station yard bus terminal area (Tozuka area) wicket)

 Konandai service counter in the city hall telephone: 045-835-2664 (the third floor of JR Konandai Station side 214, Kounandai building)

Konan Ward government office floor guide

 Of counter in charge guide.

 Floor guide

Konan Ward government office outline of business

 About main procedure, duties performing at ward office, we can look for from the name.

 Duties name Japanese syllabary search

Konan Ward-related public institution link

 It is list of links such as public institutions such as city, prefecture, country in charge of Konan Ward.

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