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Konan Ward town seminar

It is ... with town seminar

It is mini-course of few people system whom person of shop of mall tells the professional skill and technical knowledge for free (as for the material cost the actual expenses).
 We have you know charm of shop and aim at "shop" and the making of fan of "town".
 Person who is very plain as we are small, and participated with person of shop, interchange between participants are one of the pleasure.
 Because is opened in shop, in harmonious atmosphere, conversation is bullet mukotoukeaidesu, too.
◎As it is course of around 60 minutes, we feel free to contact!
◎As there are not sale and invitation from shop at all, we are reliable!

We waited for the second Konan Ward and held seminar!

[period] It is Thursday for 30 days from Monday, November 6, 2017
398 people participate in 58 courses that 41 stores of mall in Konan Ward opened!
We had you answer with "satisfied" "great satisfaction" by participant questionnaire from 97% of one.

Lunch buffet (we will fill lunch with side dishes)  It is worn immediately! "Kimono of man" dressing classroom
     It is Christmas feeling by handmade lease earlier♪   How to describe eyebrows course which we matched with you

We distributed brochure which listed course contents at ward office, use of inhabitant of a ward facility, each participation store.

    *Yellow cover is mark *
The second Konan Ward town seminar brochure cover (PDF: 3,652KB)

Konan Ward town seminar formula Facebook

Even Yokohama-shi public information program "Hama navigator" of Television Kanagawa Konan Ward feature was introduced!
(Saturday, November 25, 2017 broadcast time)

The first Konan Ward town seminar

[period] It is Wednesday for 30 days from Monday, November 7, 2016

360 people participate in 64 courses that 44 stores of mall in Konan Ward opened!
We had you answer with "satisfied" "great satisfaction" by participant questionnaire from approximately 100% of one.

 [course contents]
 [PDF]Kami-Ooka Station East Exit Store Association (PDF: 1,136KB)
 [PDF]Kamiooka center mall (PDF742KB)
 [PDF]Kounandai, Yokohama Store Association (PDF1,855KB)
 [PDF]Maruyamadai ginkgo slope mall (PDF1,437KB)
 [PDF]Noba shopping center (PDF984KB)

◎We distributed, "we waited and scatter seminars" that the details including course contents was published in participation store and schedule in use of citizen facility, Keikyu Department Store in ward office, ward, Yokohama Takashimaya Dept.Store Konandai shop, Tamaya Noba shop, A-COOP Noba shop.

*Is the same as flower "sunflower" of ward, and there is yellow; cover is flyer * of mark
Town seminar flyer cover

[as for Chairperson Konan Ward mall alliance society Hayakawa ...]
It matches the first attempt, and participate in many everybodies
We can have and are relieved.
Put together in the generation to want to participate, and time setting and course contents
If think, and devise, as for the people in their 50s from man and 30 generations,
We think that we can expect participation of more one.
Based on result of participant questionnaire, connect on the next time
We think that we are good.
 Chairperson Konan Ward mall alliance society Hayakawa

[voice from participation store]

Impression of participation store

All of participation stores

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