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When we cut inhabitant of a ward activity support fault

When we cut local action support information fault

  • In Konan Ward, we assume local general support one of the pillars of business and push forward two next business.
  • Making of local connection support…"Local power step-up business" "oldness and Konan business to make together"
  • Local spirit, vitality up…"Support experimental project made with base of cheerful town

◆Collaboration business with area

Community development promotion meeting by collaboration

 Activity groups and administration gathered, and they installed "community development promotion meeting by collaboration" in cathedral as place to push forward approach that person of local action and group in ward did cooperation and cooperation in Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations thickly and promoted activity in immediate area still more.

Cheerful community development promotion forum

 For step-up of activity working on in area, we perform example announcement.

School building sunflower

 It is learning go ino ground to realize figure of Konan Ward to aim at by pushing forward "community development by collaboration" by their hands.

Community-based welfare health planning (plan according to district)

 We share problem in life such as the welfare, health in more imminent area and devise to make structure which utilized various local actions and human resources for the solution, and, for realization of plan, approach begins in each district.

◆Cooperation business with area

Sunflower charm up

Logo mark

 Inhabitants of a ward cultivates flower, sunflower of Konan Ward together in park or riverside and is approach that it is said to spread interchange in area, generation through sunflower.

Konan Ward green up green curtain

 We introduce approaches made with "green curtain" at municipal nursery school, elementary school, junior high school in ward.

◆Activity introduction

Member of district fixed-job worker report

 The staff in charge of district reports activity of local all of you in Konan Ward. Discussion meeting according to district, disaster prevention base activity, summer festival.

Oldness and Konan to make with all the local production for local consumption

 For the purpose of the making of connection, promotion, oldness of local production for local consumption and breeding of consciousness, we experienced farming product of sweet potato as "hometown Konan business to make together" in field.

◆Activity support, consultation

Lecture "enjoyment! Second life"

 Lecture to lead to local action for the baby boom generation in retirement generation "enjoyment! We carried out second life.

Illustration of emblem sunflower of Konan Ward

Inhabitant of a ward activity support center

 Of social movement, lifelong learning support. (reporting, offer (meeting room), rental of place of machine parts, group, group support)

Ward volunteer center

 To person in hope of volunteer activity about introduction and volunteer of activity have various consultations, and attach.

Social movement center

 We support people who have been already active including social movement group and volunteer of various fields and people who are going to be active from now on.

◆Help of information dispatch

Ward HP "Konan Ward event calendar"

 City can search information to do the cosponsorship, support in calendar form among event that various facilities in the city hold and events that citizen's group performs.

"Sunflower open space" for public information yokohama Konan Ward

 What ward is so for public information and is the point of contribution to corner to tell about entertainment that inhabitants of a ward hosts or member offer of circle.

Please utilize local action support motto logo mark

 With color and black and white, we offer all six kinds of circle type, side type, length type each to be available to use.
 Please inflect by local actions.

◆Local information site

Homepage of Chairperson association of Konan Ward Machiuchi communication meeting

 Commencing with activity introduction of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, information such as being helpful, and answering information, question, "Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations is doing what" to Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations officers is placed.

Sunflower tanetto (what area portal site to ask for)

 Inhabitant of a ward activity support center is site running to send various information about activity of social movement, lifelong learning group moving into action in Konan Ward widely.

Introductions such as local contribution company, store

Business of Konan Ward mall alliance society

Konan Ward town seminar
Konan Ward sunflower picture contest
 We publish prize-winning work.

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