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Recruitment of participants talking about "meal" to read "food"

[recruitment of participants talking about "meal" to read "food"]

For book-reading activities promotion month of November, we carry out vibrio battle that featured the theme of meal and lecture in Konan library.
It is perfect opportunity to know book through person. Do you not talk about favorite book?

・Business summary which talks about "meal" to read "food"                                        

1 date and time 
  From Sunday, October 15 14:00
  Copy vibrio battle 
  It is going to be finished at 16:00 from two copies of lecture "delicious relations of book and person and liquor" 15:30
      Lecturer Noriko Ichikawa Yurindo 
                   Vibrio battle spread Committee Kanto District vice-representative

2 meeting places 
  Konan library meeting room (125, Nobacho, Kounan-ku)

3 capacity, object
  Konan Ward residence, attendance at school, around 20 working (in the case of a lot of application, we draw lots)

4 entrance fees 
  Free of charge                                                                                                                      

5 belongings
  Favorite book                                                          
  Theme is "meal". If it is book about meal including book which remained in impression as nutrition of meal, recipe book, heart to come out to story, even anything is OK.

6 applications
  To Konan Ward government office window direct in required items on the back of the offer handbill after entry (the fifth-floor 54th window)
  Or apply by FAX, E-mail.

7 application deadline
  Friday, September 29

8 lectures
  Only lecture is available for participation, too. Participation proposes only lecture and is unnecessary. Come to meeting place directly.
About 9 vibrio battles
  It is book review game to talk about the charm about favorite book in five minutes.
  Please talk about favorite book on the day in group of four or five one group. 

Subscription for 10 handbill
    Offer handbill 1,226KB
Offer handbill


Sponsorship: Konan Ward government office, Konan library


Konan Ward Regional Promotion Division book-reading activities promotion charge
TEL: 045-847-8399
FAX: 045-842-8193

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