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Social movement

Promotion of book-reading activities

 We collaborate with all of each inhabitant of a ward facility including Konan library in Konan Ward and local book-reading activities groups and place information to push forward book-reading activities of inhabitant of a ward.

Social movement, lifelong learning

  • Inhabitant of a ward activity support center (various reporting, consultation including group, facility, offer of place, machine parts rental)
  • Recruitment of inhabitant of a ward plan administration course, plan administration groups
  • Course, event information
  • Facility, activity place search

International exchange

We support foreign citizen.
We link to Konan international exchange lounge.
We held Konan international exchange lounge Festival.

Culture promotion

Citizen's group (association of cultural exchange) promoting culture artwork, facility guidance, course, event information

Sports promotion

Sports promotion committee communication meeting, association of physical education, sports information of Yokohama-shi, facility guidance, course, event information

Child and business to walk

 Meeting promoting Konan Ward young people healthy upbringing, Konan Ward child forum, Konan Ward youth development society, Konan Ward young people instructor meeting, child watch and take safety measures

Town development area collaboration business

What is town development area collaboration business? Approach introduction of, business operation group, business inspection hearing report

Office, mall

We introduce business of office and mall including local contribution company

List of facilities in ward

It is search by the order of the kana syllabary, form distinction according to town in district center community house, community care plaza, park
Vacant rooms information such as public hall, district center sports center, inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center

Local action support information

 Approach introduction of activity introduction and support in area about "making of local connection" "spirit, vitality up of area"

Volunteer insurance

 Insurance regime about cases that we bore compensation responsibility for volunteer activity in unexpected accident and had injury on
 Yokohama-shi social movement insurance, other insurance for volunteer activity, sports security insurance

Portal site of local information

Member of district fixed-job worker report

 The staff in charge of district reports activity of local all of you in Konan Ward. Discussion meeting according to district, disaster prevention base activity, summer festival.

Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations (Chairperson ward alliance Machiuchi communication meeting)

Sunflower tanetto (what area portal site to ask for)

Bibliographic searches

Yokohama City Library online catalog

We search facility collection of books crossing other than Yokohama City Library

Book agency service (Konandai district center)

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