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  • Yokohama-shi call center
  • Any small box to ask for to tie with smile
  • Let's get rid of WE love Konan cooker fire!
  • It is kenkonan well!
  • We will tell about the AED setting situation such as offices in Konan Ward
  • Emergency consultation guide
  • Disaster tower support project required
  • Inhabitant of a ward activity support center
  • Disaster information Twitter

Yokohama-shi call center


(City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau)

Konan Ward government office key number


What, photo to ask for

Let's eat! Vegetables

Multifunctional model office jump all members
Any small box to ask for to tie with smile
Sunflower communication

It is Konan Director General and messages from management responsibility job to inhabitants of a ward

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You can see Web site of Konan Ward government office from cell-phone