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Mutual evaluations sheet based on Yokohama-shi citizen collaboration regulations Article 5
(Portable Document Format, 247KB)

We study abroad and program sister schools (offer of ※ 2018 was finished.)

Sister schools with studying abroad program

 It is offer frame that studying abroad program that high school in the city and citizen's group carry out is examined. High school in the city or citizen's group can apply to studying abroad program for sister schools and cannot apply in individuals.
 High school and citizen group which we applied for are decided it is targeted for subsidy supply, and whom of participant of the program you do after supporting target studying abroad program was chosen.

※For more details, please refer to offer essential point.

 [PDF]Sister schools studying abroad program offer essential point (Portable Document Format, 253KB)


 1 Personal studying abroad is common to sister schools studying abroad program
 2 Sister schools study abroad, and they program

Presentation documents [we study abroad and program sister schools]

Youth support business program choice application (first style) toward 1 Yokohama-shi world (WORD form, 106KB)

[reference] Cash budget part entry example (Portable Document Format, 137KB)

Documents (the second issue style) indicating collaborative relationship, the interchange results with high schools of 2 foreign countries (WORD form, 58KB)

Copying of sums such as scholarships that it is paid them when we receive payment such as scholarships affecting the training or studying abroad from groups of 3, etc. and documents that payment time understands

Documents to raise next in the case of 4 citizen groups

Rule (articles of association, terms, the rules of a society) about administration of a organization
Summary book of i citizen group (the third style) (WORD form, 58KB)
u officer list, list of members (the fourth issue style) (WORD form, 60KB) ※We assume more than 5 lists.
Oh, activity plan (fifth style) of the year concerned (WORD form, 61KB)
Cash budget book of o togainendo (sixth style) (WORD form, 103KB)
Activity report (seventh style) of the mosquito pre-year (WORD form, 61KB)
Income and expenditure check (eighth style) of ki last year (WORD form, 103KB)

Application deadline, application, inquiry [we study abroad and program sister schools]

It must arrive by 17:15 on Friday, June 15, 2018
※Please submit by mail or bringing

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