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Personal studying abroad (offer of ※ 2018 was finished.)

With personal studying abroad

 It is offer frame that Yokohama-shi issues subsidy (up to 400,000 yen) for studying abroad expense of student who high schools in Yokohama-shi live in student and the city registered at (※), and is registered at high schools of the suburbs. From individual can apply, but confirm contents in high school to be registered at, and it is necessary to have submit from school.
 It recruits ten people - around 20 people.

※High schools…High school, secondary education school (latter term course), special support school (high part), higher vocational school (first ... third grade) or special vocational school (high course)


 It is next 1-5 satisfying all. But it is not intended for one (including assistance that it is expected that we receive decision and receive assistance) that has received assistance in this business so far.

1 studying abroad period is about one year
It is health condition that 2 study abroad does not have trouble
We are interested in 3 international understanding, international exchange, and there is will that is going to contribute to overseas country and mutual understanding and the friendship friendship with area
4 academic achievements meet any of the following condition

Oh, "4.0 the rating mean of more than "3.5 the overall rating mean" of last year and foreign language 1 subject is the above"
About student of the i High School first grade more than more than "3.5 the rating mean of the junior high school third grade" and "4.0 the rating mean of foreign language 1 subject"

We receive recommendation of the principals such as high schools where 5 is registered at

Target studying abroad

For periodical attending school to regular latter middle-grade education engine in 1 foreign country, it is study abroad of about one year
We leave by 2 from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2020
 ※But expense that we paid by Wednesday, February 27, 2019 becomes a target supporting.

Offer essential point

 [PDF]Personal studying abroad offer essential point (Portable Document Format, 256KB)


 1 Personal studying abroad is common to sister schools studying abroad program
 2 Personal studying abroad

Presentation documents [personal studying abroad]

Youth support business application (ninth style) toward 1 Yokohama-shi world (WORD form, 67KB)

Schedule which 2 studying abroad periods and activity contents in studying abroad understand

Leaflets which understand summary of studying in 3 educational institution

Copying of documents which payment time knows of sum of expense targeted for 4 assistance and breakdown and expense

Copying of sums such as scholarships that it is paid them when we receive payment such as scholarships affecting studying abroad from groups of 5, etc. and documents that payment time understands

Copy of documents proving that studying abroad to high school of 6 foreign countries is admitted (submitting immediately as soon as we obtain when we cannot submit at the time of application)

Youth support business recommendation book toward 7 Yokohama-shi world (tenth style) (WORD form, 57KB)

Transcript which meets condition of 8 any of the following

Oh, it is thing that "the rating mean of foreign language 1 subject is more than 4.0" in that "the overall rating mean wins more than 3.5" of last year

"The rating mean of foreign language 1 subject being more than 4.0" in that "the rating mean of the junior high school third grade win more than 3.5" about student of the i High School first grade

Short essay (eleventh style) about 9 studying abroad (WORD form, 58KB)

Short essay, composition by 英語 of 1,000 characters - around 1,200 characters
[point of view] (describing from the viewpoint of next 1-5)
Reason that was interested in 1 international understanding, international exchange
About wanting to study through 2 studying abroad
About approach that we made use of experience of studying abroad after 3 studying abroad in
Approach and result that made an effort for 4 studying abroad
About culture, the history of Yokohama that wants to appeal in studying in 5

※Student make by all means

Application deadline, application, inquiry [personal studying abroad]

It must arrive by 17:15 on Thursday, May 31, 2018
※Please submit by mail such as registered mail or bringing after checking contents from the school in high school to be registered at

 City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat secretariat High School Education Section
 〒231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi (as for the bringing, the fifth-floor Kannai station square first building)
 TEL :045-671-3272 FAX :045-640-1866