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Mutual evaluations sheet based on Yokohama-shi citizen collaboration regulations size Article 5
(Portable Document Format, 247KB)

Youth support fund toward the Yokohama-shi world

 Youth support fund toward the Yokohama-shi world was born in Yokohama to "want you to make use for upbringing of youth who played an active part in the world" out of feeling of deep connection.
 We enlarge field of vision in the world, and fund brings up youth aiming at playing an active part on the stage of international community and, also, utilizes in business to support.    
 We utilized overseas network with sister cities, and Yokohama-shi concentrated power on upbringing with global human resources including interchange of school until now. We push forward still more active approach through fund, and many youths, please support by all means from this Yokohama so that the world can flap.

  「The youth support fund regulations toward the Yokohama-shi world」    [PDF]Press release document (February 25, 2014) (Portable Document Format, 309KB)



Procedure of contribution

1. Application for contribution

Application (mail, FAX) with contribution application

            By contribution application, I would like application for contribution.
         [PDF] Contribution application (Portable Document Format, 197KB)

           Contribution application (WORD form, 37KB)
       [application]  It is addressed to the youth support fund person in charge toward the Yokohama-shi International Affairs Bureau policy General Affairs Division world
                   Mail    The third floor of 〒 231-0015 1-8, Onoecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kannai Arai Building
                   Fax 045-664-7145   

Application (application form) from the Internet


About application from PC


About application from cell-phone


About application from smartphone

※After Friday, March 30, 2018, it is a part of cell-phone (feature fonds) and the smartphone with TLS1.0 nullification
 The use from (before before AndroidOS4.4 or iOS4) is limited. Please confirm the details by the following guidance.
 About nullification of TLS1.0 and change to TLS1.2 (shift to page of Yokohama-shi electron application, report service)

2. Payment of donation

           I would like procedure by payment method chosen in the case of application.


In the case of payment notice payment in financial institution

        We see payment notice to address that had you list in the case of application as soon as we confirm application for contribution.
            I would like payment in appointed financial institution (bank, post office).

※As you cannot reissue 1 receipt, please be careful.

※Certificate which is necessary when we receive 2 subtraction is issued. As you cannot reissue certificate, please keep carefully.




In the case of credit card payment on the Internet

         To contact information that had list in the case of application as soon as confirmed application for contribution in plastic credit
         We see off guide to relate to.
         Along guidance "Yahoo! I would like procedure by public money payment.


※Certificate which is necessary when we receive 2 subtraction is issued. As you cannot reissue certificate, please keep carefully.     

※Precaution of payment by credit card
・When contribution amounts of money exceed less than 5,000 yen and 1 million yen, it is not available. More than less than 5,000 yen and 1 million yen when wish to contribute, please choose payment notice payment.
・Available credit card VISA (visa), MasterCard (Master Card), JCB (Japan Credit Bureau), AmericanExpress (is American Express Diners Club (Diners Club), but please confirm by "Yahoo! public money payment" in detail.


3. Subtraction system (final income tax return is necessary to receive contribution subtraction) of donation

 About contribution to youth support fund toward the Yokohama-shi world, we can receive donation subtraction by "hometown tax system" (Yokohama supporters donation).
     "Yokohama supporters donation - hometown tax ~"
    "Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications homepage" (the donation taxation system of personal residence tax including hometown tax) 


In the case of individual

 Income tax and residence tax are reduced. When you report tax such as final income tax returns of income tax, please attach "donation receipt certificate" which Yokohama-shi issues.
 Please keep "donation receipt certificate" mailing donation after the transfer carefully until time of final income tax return.


In the case of corporation

 In Corporate Tax Law, we come by total amount loss of money inclusion.

※3 is certificate by all means, or please attach receipt.

4. The situation of contribution

The 2017 results (March 31, 2018)



The number

Amount of money



135,000 yen



1,060,000 yen

The total


1,195,000 yen


Individual, all of corporations who had contribution
  (only as for the person who had agreement for publication of the name)
  Carbon-free consulting state
  Water supply technical service state
  Nice Holdings Inc.
  Takematsu Corporation state
  Fine technical center
  Hirotaka Shibata
  Akemi Shimomura
  Masako Shinkawa
  Goro Suzuki
  Daisuke Manzo

      Other one person
We appreciate your cooperating.

About the results before 2016