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 Yokohama-shi promotion video
One minute version
Yokohama Rhythm (1min.)
Three minutes version
Yokohama Rhythm (3min.)
Yokohama-shi Policy Bureau international policy section and Keio University Graduate School media design graduate course (KMD) produced this video by collaboration.
Mutual evaluations sheet based on Yokohama-shi citizen collaboration regulations size Article 5
(Portable Document Format, 247KB)

Foreign attitude survey

  Approximately 80,000 foreigners are living in Yokohama now. In Yokohama-shi, we devise "Yokohama international town development guideline" in March, 2007, and Japanese and foreigner in the city respect each other's culture and push forward town development that is easy to live, and is easy to be active.

 We carried out "foreign attitude survey" secondary to 2009 to grasp problem and needs of foreigner resident in Yokohama-shi while we did it this way. We announce as result of investigation was collected in report.


[PDF]Press release document (Portable Document Format 232KB)

[PDF]2013 foreigner attitude survey report (Portable Document Format 2.03MB)

[PDF]2013 foreigner attitude survey report [summary version] (Portable Document Format 489KB)


[PDF]Press release document (Portable Document Format 38KB)

[PDF]2009 foreigner public awareness working papers (Portable Document Format 1.26MB)

[PDF]2009 foreigner public awareness working papers [summary version] (Portable Document Format 377KB)

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