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Frankfurt, Yokohama-shi office

Europe forms huge economic zone led by European Union (EU) which spread in 28 countries in 2013. We promote Yokohama invitation of European company positively by publicizing location environment of Yokohama as Motoichi headquarters in Europe in Frankfurt office and perform business matching support with Europe company, various reporting about Exhibition for Yokohama companies aiming at advance to European market at any time. Please speak casually.

Summary of Frankfurt office

Establishment time June, 1997

The staff      One director, local adoption staff one

The activity area Europe region


Contact information

18F, FBC Frankfurter Buro-Center, Mainzer Landstrasse 46 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

TEL      49-69-2423110

FAX      49-69-24231115




Thing about administration of office

Yokohama-shi International Affairs Bureau international cooperation section
〒The third floor of 231-0015 1-8, Onoecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kannai Arai Building
TEL. 045-671-3813 FAX. 045-664-7145


Thing about company activity, economic information

Yokohama-shi Business Development Division Economic Affairs Bureau
〒231-0016 2-22, Masagocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
(Kannai Chuo Building 5F)
TEL. 045-671-2595 FAX. 045-664-4867 



Summary of Frankfurt City

Frankfurt is strategic point of traffic to almost have airport largest in Europe located at the center of Europe and has function as international finance city and carries the core of Germany economy.
In addition, hotel of downtown becomes fully occupied, and trade fairs that continue being held overflow from the Middle Ages in vigor in world eminence with the number of scale, the holding during season.

Population      Approximately 700,000 (as of 2014)

Time difference -7 time (almost from April to October) with Japan, -8 time (almost from November to March)

The Japanese related organizations Japan consulate general, sightseeing in Japanese Government station Frankfurt office