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Yokohama-shi Policy Bureau international policy section and Keio University Graduate School media design graduate course (KMD) produced this video by collaboration.
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Main movement of international business operation

Information sends main movement of international business operation of Yokohama in 英語 and English in Yokohama-shi International Affairs Bureau as "YOKOHAMA INTERNATIONAL DIGEST" from 28! As we will send approach of international business operation of Motoichi and information to be useful for for not only resident one in Yokohama-shi but also overseas all of you clearly, please see by all means!

The International Affairs Bureau publishes collections of the city's major international projects in the "YOKOHAMA INTERNATIONAL DIGEST." Starting in April 2017, updates will also be posted in English. We report international projects and other information related to Yokohama that we hope you will find useful and interesting.

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 June 18, 2018 issue

・With "the Shanghai, Yokohama friendship town tie-up 45th anniversary," the Mayor of Shanghai is the next beach
・Member of training visits Yokohama from Philippines metro Cebu

  June 18, 2018 Edition 
 ・Shanghai Mayor visits Yokohama during 45th anniversary of friendship city relations
 ・Government personnel from Metro Cebu receive training in Yokohama
 June 14, 2018 issue
・Guide map which can experience world sweets in Yokohama is completed
・We decide support to five social movements propelling multicultural symbiosis
・The representative from Tokyo 2020 Paralympics U.K. team prior camping memorandum conclusion
・We publicize the seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development Yokohama holding on "the 37th Yokohama opening of a port feast day"
  June 14, 2018 Edition 
 ・Sample sweets from countries around the world in Yokohama with new guide map
 ・Yokohama selects five civic activity projects to promote a multicultural society
 ・British Paralympic teams to use local venues to prepare for Tokyo 2020 Games
 ・Promoting TICAD 7 at the 37th Yokohama Port Festival
 June 1, 2018 issue
・We hold "Morocco business seminar"
・Dance Festival of Japanese best category is held in summer of 2018
・Student of Yokohama International School observes wharfs of Yokohama Port
  June 1, 2018 Edition 
 ・Morocco Business Seminar: economic environment and Japanese investment
 ・Japan' s biggest dance festival opening in Yokohama this summer
 ・YIS middle school students take boat tour to observe the Port of Yokohama
 May 31, 2018 issue
・We hold the seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development Yokohama holding, goodwill exchange event
・The staff of Korea, Incheon Metropolitan City inspects Transportation Bureau
・"Queen of rose" visits Yokohama from Bulgaria
  May 31, 2018 Edition 
 ・TICAD7 Yokohama Friendship Event held with ambassadors of African countries
 ・Incheon, South Korea officials visit the Yokohama Transportation Bureau
 ・"Rose Queen" of Bulgaria visits Yokohama
 May 22, 2018 issue
・We realize technical cooperation for city problem solution in Abidjan autonomous district
・Yokohama registers as the State of Israel, host town of the Republic of Tunisia
・Charity event "WFP walk the world" is held
  May 22, 2018 Edition 
 ・Yokohama, Abidjan approach urban issues through technical cooperation, exchange
 ・Yokohama to be Host Town for Israel, Tunisia ahead of Tokyo 2020 Olympics
 ・Record-breaking 4,700 participants walk in the "WFP Walk the World" charity event
 May 15, 2018 issue
・The third "Japan and Germany use forum Yokohama" is held
・We hold the 25th Y-PORT workshop
・Profit of hydrogen advancing in Yokohama emphasizes measure of inflecting and technique concerned in China
  May 15, 2018 Edition 
 ・3rd Japanese-German Youth Forum held in Yokohama
 ・25th Y-PORT Workshop explores Suva, Fiji's potential
 ・Promoting Yokohama' s hydrogen initiatives, technology in Shanghai, China
 April 26, 2018 issue
・"African Festival yokohama 2018" is held
・We hold African business seminar
・"Queen of Hamburg cherry tree" is Yokohama visit from Hamburg
  April 26, 2018 Edition 
 ・African Festival Yokohama 2018 welcomes visitors to experience African cultures
 ・Africa Business Seminar introduces economic development, business opportunities
 ・Sakura Queen of sister port city Hamburg visits Yokohama
 April 19, 2018 issue
・Staff of Nepal Katmandu city attends the technical training in Yokohama
・Social movement to work on is supported by promotion of hospitality of foreigner and cross-cultural understanding
・Japan-U.S. friendship American dogwoods related to interchange are in full blossom in Honmoku mountaintop park
  April 19, 2018 Edition 
 ・Kathmandu, Nepal engineers receive technical training in Yokohama
 ・Assistance program for promoting cross-cultural understanding, hospitality
 ・"Friendship blossom" dogwood trees in full bloom at Honmoku Sancho Park

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