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Yokohama-shi Policy Bureau international policy section and Keio University Graduate School media design graduate course (KMD) produced this video by collaboration.
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Main movement of international business operation

Information sends main movement of international business operation of Yokohama in 英語 and English in Yokohama-shi International Affairs Bureau as "YOKOHAMA INTERNATIONAL DIGEST" from 28! As we will send approach of international business operation of Motoichi and information to be useful for for not only resident one in Yokohama-shi but also overseas all of you clearly, please see by all means!

The International Affairs Bureau publishes collections of the city's major international projects in the "YOKOHAMA INTERNATIONAL DIGEST." Starting in April 2017, updates will also be posted in English. We report international projects and other information related to Yokohama that we hope you will find useful and interesting.

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 December 7, 2017 issue
・We hold the 23rd Y-PORT workshop
・shiukosari stationing in Japan Finland Ambassador pays a courtesy visit to the Mayor of forest
・We hold event in sister city tie-up anniversary
  December 7, 2017 Edition 
 ・The 23rd Y-PORT Workshop introduced business matching in emerging Asian cities
 ・Mayor receives courtesy call from Finland Ambassador
 ・Sister Cities Anniversary Event a tremendous success
 November 30, 2017 issue
・Yokohama City Sakuragaoka Senior High School and shure amu lead are foreign countries sister school tie-ups
・Mr. ubida of former Burkinabe ambassador to Japan wins Yokohama culture prize
・United Nations WFP Japan office representative meets with the Mayor of forest
  It is 2017 Edition in 30 in November 
 ・High schools in Yokohama and Frankfurt become sister schools
 ・Former Ambassador of Burkina Faso receives Yokohama Culture Award
 ・UN World Food Programme Japan Relations Office Director meets with Mayor
 November 22, 2017 issue
・We attend at the eighth city net meeting
・The Cambodian public works project Secretary of State for Transport inspects city facility
・Frankfurt, Yokohama-shi office reached the establishment 20th anniversary
  It is 2017 Edition in 22 in November 
 ・Yokohama attends 8th CityNet Congress
 ・Minister for Public Works and Transport of Cambodia tours Yokohama facilities
 ・Yokohama Frankfurt Representative Office celebrates 20th anniversary
 November 21, 2017 issue , The second page 
★ It is for the sixth Asia stylish city meeting feature ☆
・It is inspected smart city development in Yokohama-shi on October 25
・October 26 nichi*sai event
・October 27 sixth Asia stylish city meeting
  It is 2017 Edition in 21 in November , Page 2 
 ★ 6th Asia Smart City Conference Digest ☆
 ・10/25 Site visits showcasing smart city development in Yokohama
 ・10/26 Parallel Events
 ・10/27 6th Asia Smart City Conference
 November 17, 2017 issue
・Work of graffiti artist of Frankfurt is completed
・National staff of Germany Frankfurt office is the next beach
・We exchange opinions for Yokohama, the Shanghai friendship town cooperation 45th anniversary in 2018
  It is 2017 Edition in 17 in November 
 ・Frankfurt-based artist creates graffiti at Yokohama College of Art and Design
 ・Local staff member from overseas office in Frankfurt, Germany visits Yokohama
 ・Discussions held ahead of 45th anniversary of Shanghai Friendship City Relations
 November 8, 2017 issue
・Da Nang investment forum is held in Vietnam
・Shanghai mechanism organization Committee is the next beach
・The People's Republic of China Embassy to Japan, economic commercial affairs minister meets with the Mayor of forest
  It is 2017 Edition in 8 in November 
 ・Invest Da Nang 2017 Forum held in Da Nang, Vietnam
 ・Shanghai sends municipal organization delegation to Yokohama
 ・China Embassy' s Minister of Commerce sits down with Mayor Hayashi
 November 7, 2017 issue
・We contribute to CO2 reduction! We introduce energy saving type pump into water supply of Vietnam Da Nang
・Festival "diwari in Yokohama" of India is held to the 15th
・Davao City delegation, Philippines meets with Watanabe deputy mayor
  It is 2017 Edition in 7 in November 
 ・Contributing to CO2 reduction! Energy-saving pumps installed in Da Nang
 ・Indian Festival of Lights "Diwali in Yokohama" celebrated for 15th consecutive year
 ・Davao City delegation meets with Deputy Mayor Watanabe
 November 2, 2017 issue
・Monthly 2017 kickoff symposium in Yokohama is held in "world food D"
・The Mayor of forest goes on the platform for business summit residing in Japan in America hosted by the chamber of commerce
・Loran pick stationing in Japan French ambassador gives a lecture in Yokohama City University
  It is 2017 Edition in 2 in November 
 ・"World Food Day" Month 2017 Kickoff Symposium held in Yokohama
 ・Mayor Hayashi takes the podium at ACCJ Women in Business Summit 
 ・Ambassador of France to Japan delivers lecture at Yokohama City University
 October 23, 2017 issue
・"17 promise - making the SDGs- future" is holding plan display in JICA Yokohama
・We publicize SDGs and Tokyo International Conference on African Development in "yokohama international Festa 2017"
・Bio partner ring event bio Japan 2017 is held in Yokohama
  October 23, 2017 Edition 
  ・Interactive exhibit at JICA Yokohama: SDGs ~ 17 Promises for the Future
 ・Yokohama International Festa 2017 features events on SDGs and TICAD
 ・BioJapan 2017 biotech industry partnering event held in Yokohama
 October 18, 2017 issue
・We carry out YUSA/ Yokohama-shi tie-up business presentation
・International charity concert is held in Totsuka Ward
・We hold industry 4.0 seminar under IDEC and the association of Yokohama Japan and Germany cosponsorship
  October 18 2017 Edition 
 ・YUSA, Yokohama introduce new collaborative projects
 ・International charity concert held in Totsuka Ward
 ・IDEC and JDG present seminar on German Industry 4.0
 October 13, 2017 issue
・Yokohama international chief of the bureau Prize receiving a prize supervisor of international peace picture festival 2017 visits international chief of the bureau
・High government official of each middle rice country inspects northern sewer center
・The Mayor of forest is Keynote Speech in APEC woman and economic forum
  October 13, 2017 Edition 
 ・UFPFF student director receives International Affairs Bureau Director General' s Award
 ・High-ranking delegation from Central America tours Hokubu Sewerage Center
 ・Mayor Hayashi delivers keynote at APEC Women and the Economy Forum
 October 6, 2017 issue
・Elementary school student of city Elementary School visits Yokohama international collaboration center
・otetsukei (chase tekkei) deputy mayor is the next beach from Shanghai
・We publicized sightseeing in Yokohama in London JAPAN MATSURI
  October 6, 2017 Edition 
 ・Local elementary school takes field trip to Yokohama International Center
 ・Shanghai Vice Mayor Weng Tiehui visits Yokohama
 ・Promoting Yokohama at JAPAN MATSURI in London
 October 3, 2017 issue
・We participate in international conference held in Israel Tel Aviv - yaffo city
・Frankfurt City international general manager and exchange of opinions
・ITTO (International Tropical Timber Organization) holds photo exhibition in Municipal Central Library
  October 3, 2017 Edition 
 ・Yokohama delegation attends International Conference in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
 ・Heads of Frankfurt, Yokohama international affairs offices discuss joint projects
 ・ITTO photo exhibition at Yokohama City Central Library

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