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 Yokohama-shi promotion video
One minute version
Yokohama Rhythm (1min.)
Three minutes version
Yokohama Rhythm (3min.)
Yokohama-shi Policy Bureau international policy section and Keio University Graduate School media design graduate course (KMD) produced this video by collaboration.
Mutual evaluations sheet based on Yokohama-shi citizen collaboration regulations size Article 5
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Yokohama that grows up with the world

We make use of the history since the opening of a port and overseas network with cities, engine, conventional international collaboration and develop local government diplomacy powerfully and aim at realization of "Yokohama growing up with the world".

○We promote cooperation between cities and realize international city chosen by domestic and foreign people and companies.
○We contribute to solution to global problem and contribute to world and it is stable peacefully development.
○Anyone is easy to live and realizes multicultural symbiosis society which is easy to move into action.

・General affairs charge
・Planning staff
・Multicultural symbiosis charge
・Passport center preparations charge

TEL: 045-671-4710
FAX: 045-664-7145

・Asian Oceania person in charge
・European Americas person in charge
・African Middle Eastern person in charge
・Tokyo International Conference on African Development charge

TEL: 045-671-2079
FAX: 045-664-7145

・City net
・International organization charge
・International technical cooperation by citizen cooperation
 (Y-PORT business) charge

TEL: 045-671-4396
FAX: 045-664-7145



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