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About inquiries

Yokohama-shi call center

Reference and suggestion Jurisdiction section
Yokohama-shi call center  To Yokohama-shi call center WEB page

Yokohama-shi call center system and procedure, event of city hall and ward office, facility of city,
About a variety of inquiries such as municipal traffic, it is service window to show around.
You put collections of questions that Q&A is common in together, and please inflect.

 Reception hours: From 8:00 to 21:00 (every day including Saturday, Sundays and holidays)
 Telephone: 045-664-2525
 F A X: 045-664-2828
 E-mail: callcenter@city.yokohama.jp
Civic Affairs Bureau public hearing consultation section
Telephone: 045-671-2117
FAX: 045-663-3433

Inquiry to Kohoku Ward government office

  • Kohoku Ward government office key number: 045-540-2323

  • Each section e-mail address
Part nameSection nameE-Mail address
General Affairs Department General Affairs Division ko-somu@city.yokohama.jp
Ward Administration Promotion Division ko-kusei@city.yokohama.jp
Regional Promotion Division ko-chishin@city.yokohama.jp
Family Registry Division ko-koseki@city.yokohama.jp
Tax Division ko-zeimu@city.yokohama.jp
Ward's Treasurer's Office ko-kaikei@city.yokohama.jp
Health and Welfare Center Health and Welfare Division ko-fukuho@city.yokohama.jp
Elderly and Disabled Support Division ko-koreisyogai@city.yokohama.jp
Children and Families Support Division ko-kodomokatei@city.yokohama.jp
Life support section ko-seikatsushien@city.yokohama.jp
Insurance and Pension Division ko-hokennenkin@city.yokohama.jp
Health Sanitation Division ko-eisei@city.yokohama.jp
Kohoku engineering works office ko-doboku@city.yokohama.jp