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Kohoku Ward guide map

We issued "Kohoku Ward guide map" which we published map of ward, bus route map, administration information in by Kohoku Ward targeting at people moved into in Kohoku Ward. As you can see contents on homepage, please inflect.
In addition, please speak casually as you distribute at the first floor of the ward office first window (Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section) (copy per person).

Kohoku Ward guide map VR: You can see the highlight and event of ward published in Kohoku Ward guide map in 360-degree photograph.

Map side

<Kohoku area complete chart> <figure of Kohoku Ward division>
Kohoku area complete chart Whole division map
Kohoku area complete chart(PDF 11,844KB)   Division figure 1 (PDF 3,470KB)  Division figure 2 (PDF 4,324KB)
 Division figure 3 (PDF 3,509KB)  Division figure 4 (PDF 4,059KB)
 Division figure 5 (PDF 1,224KB)  Division figure 6 (PDF 1,945KB)


Information side

Event calendar <about Kohoku Ward>  <cover>
 Event calendar reduction image  It is reduction image about Kohoku Ward It is for cover reduction
Outline of business of <ward office> <consultation counter by expert> <medical information>
 Outline of business reduction image  Consultation counter by expert  Medical information reduction image

<facility guidance 1> <main station bus platform guidance>
 Facility guidance reduction image  Main station bus platform guidance reduction images
<facility guidance 2, Kohoku Ward child care information> <bus route map>
Facility guidance 1, Kohoku Ward child care information reduction image Bus route map

 About event calendar (PDF 974KB) Kohoku Ward (PDF 1,663KB) cover (PDF 481KB)

Consultation counter (PDF 811KB) medical care information (PDF 788KB) by outline of business (PDF 1,711KB) specialist  in ward office

 Facility guidance 1 (PDF 1,248KB) main station bus platform guidance (PDF 1,836KB)

 Facility guidance 2, Kohoku Ward child care information (PDF 1,344KB) bus route map (PDF 1,311KB)

Distribution place of inhabitant of a ward guide map

I hand to person who moves into, and was filed for and distribute Kohoku Ward guide map at the first floor of the ward office first window (Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section). (copy per person).

When mail is hoped for, you fill in zip code, address, full name of destination, and please send self-addressed envelope (more than corner type 5 24cm *19cm) which you put 140-yen stamp (in the case of one copy of map) on to the next destination.
26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi Kohoku Ward government office Public Relations Section is addressed

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