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We held in wheelchair tennis experience X data utilization Keio University!

   We held in wheelchair tennis experience X data utilization Keio University!
international tennis meet
"Keio Challenger International Tennis Tournament 2018 that Keio University hosted," we held "proof event of smart tennis" for future tennis.
  We experienced wheelchair tennis and mentioned pleasure of para-sports and utilized innovation technologies such as GPS receiver, speed gun and learned para-sports through sports data.

  The date and time: Sunday, March 4, 2018 from 13:30 to 17:00

  Place: Keio University Hiyoshi campus

○"Keio Challenger International Tennis Tournament 2018" HP



State on the day

 We had you explain summary and wheelchair tennis of Keio challenger meeting from kei*gijuku*iku*teikyubu. In addition, we had you explain today's flow, sports data (the GPS measurement, the Inbody measurement, the speed gun measurement) to collect from Associate Professor Naohiko Kotake of Keio University Graduate School systems design management graduate course.

[watching wheelchair tennis exhibition match]
 We watched a game of wheelchair tennis exhibition match which was one eyeball of Keio challenger meeting. Children of player and wheelchair tennis influential person of kei*gijuku*iku*teikyubu cross team each and fight.
 Participants watched a game of wheelchair tennis from courtside, too and was able to feel movement with wheelchair and force of shot in front.
Watching gamesWatching games

[experience-based meeting]
 We were divided into three teams and had you work on three programs by rotation by 30 minutes.
 A. Positioning with GPS receiver and wheelchair tennis experience
  On wheelchair which we installed GPS receiver in, we hit ball in state that got on operation, wheelchair of movement with wheelchair and experienced rally with children of wheelchair tennis influential person.
  At first, it looked difficult we advanced straight, and to come back, but it gradually fitted wheelchair under the instruction of Sakaguchi of Japanese car chair sports association and came to be able to hit ball finally.
  We can analyze positional information that we measured with GPS receiver which position oneself moved where you remained a lot in. I handed data to each participant with paper and was able to have you feel gap between movement and movement that oneself imagined on data.

 B. The batted ball speed measurement using speed gun
  Using speed gun, we had teacher of Keio University physical education fair research institute measure speed to sit down on speed and wheelchair which beat against ball, and to hit ball in made state and performed the comparison.
  It is difficult to fire ball in made state, but it is more difficult to sit down on wheelchair, and to hit ball and cannot speed up too much even if we hit ball. We changed difficulty of wheelchair tennis by seeing difference in speed number of comparison and speed gun with made state and were able to feel.

 C. The Inbody measurement
  We only get on machine such as scale, and Inbody is high-precision body ingredient analyzer which can measure body fluid volume, muscle quantity that is ingredient of body.
  We could measure in one several minutes, and, based on analysis, teacher of Institute for Keio University physical education gave an advice and gathered up numbers such as muscular strength or grip of all the participants to Japanese vellum. We listed data of professional tennis player and player of Keio University tennis department in Japanese vellum and were able to compare own number with other people and professional athlete. It learned that it was connected from the prevention of thing and injury that could train efficiently to know quantity of protein mass of body and muscle according to part than it did sports and muscular workout at random.
The measurementThe measurement

 We had you experience knowing pleasure of para-sports through wheelchair tennis experience this time, learning sports through sports data, two.
 By prior questionnaire, there were few people who had experienced wheelchair tennis so far, but it gradually fitted wheelchair tennis and was played happily.
 In addition, through sports data, we could see how to move bodies which we were not able to look at so far and movement playing sports by mentioning sports objectively and were able to find way of enjoying and how to work on new sports.