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Sports data science classroom held report

 We held sports data science lesson!


 We utilized drone and GPS receiver and, targeting at fifth graders of Yokohama City Hiyoshidai elementary school, collected sports data and we utilized the data and held lesson for sports performance improvement.
 Keio University football (rugby) department gave cooperation to and had primary schoolchild in ward experience the latest sports data utilization that top athlete adopted.

  The date and time: Monday, June 26, 2017, 29th (Thu), Monday, July 3
     From 9:45 to 11:15 
  Place: Keio University Shimoda ground

State on the day

 The first lesson <introduction>

  We had you lecture on something,
the latest sports data circumstances with sports data from Associate Professor Naohiko Kotake of Keio University Graduate School systems design management graduate course. Then, you told what kind of thing when you used data to acquire from kei*gijukudaigaku*iku**kyubu S & C director Chihiro Ota today whether it was revealed.
  We were divided into three teams before appearing in ground and decided personal aim and aim of team after having taken lecture.
  We gathered up sign to Japanese vellum and allowed all the members to recognize.
    State of lectureState of lectureState of goal setting

 The second lesson <rugby experience, data collection>
   ・Rugby experience
   We learned pass exercise and rule to go to ground, and to be used to preparations exercises and rugby.
   We did pass mawashi happily while being puzzled over rugby ball and rule to mention for the first time.
   ・Data collection
   While performing shooting by GPS receiver and drone afterwards; game of touch rugby.
   We measure while there is rule of rugby how long oneself can play with every effort.
   In addition, by shooting by drone, each person's; stand, and understand position and the movement.
   We did while it was very hot, but we played all teams with every effort and swelled very much.
   State of exerciseState of touch rugby  
 The third lesson <look back confirmation of collection data>
   After the game, we confirm their data, videos.
   The number of times that dashed by reading data, own cooperation with place, teammate that changed understood visually.
   We settled reflection point of individual, team to one piece of Japanese vellum every team after having read data. We were able to think about performance improvement that we turned on "it was revealed that too many people gathered on ball from picture of drone" data.
   Finally, people concerned with teacher, student, Keio are all the members; of "ONETEAM!" and rugby noted product shouted, and was finished.
  State of swing return marksState of swing return marksONETEAM!