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Open data utilization promotion through sports

Open data utilization promotion through sports
 On June 1, 2017, Keio University Graduate School systems design management graduate course and Kohoku Ward were intended that we contributed to mutual further development through system thought and design thought, conduct of investigation, business about local problem that utilized education results of research about the management, approach about sports or utilization examination of data and concluded cooperation agreement.
 As part of cooperation agreement, we perform approach to feed power that Kohoku inhabitants of a ward collect data (sports data) about sports that oneself performed in mind and analyze Rugby World Cup 2019 and Tokyo 2020 meeting, and to consider and perform approach for opening data promotion about sports data. In addition, we carry out this approach by cooperation with each Keio school organized by contributions physical education society part.
State of the rugby data acquisition

Wheelchair tennis experience-based X data utilization (March 4, 2018)

    In international tennis meet "Keio Challenger International Tennis Tournament 2018 that Keio University hosted," we held "proof event of smart tennis" for future tennis.
  We experienced wheelchair tennis under the cooperation of teacher and tennis (tennis) part of Keio University and mentioned pleasure of para-sports and utilized innovation technologies such as GPS receiver, speed gun and learned para-sports through sports data.
  State, held report on the day is this

Sports data science experience classroom (from June to July in 2017)

  We utilized drone and GPS receiver and, targeting at fifth graders of Yokohama City Hiyoshidai elementary school, collected sports data and the data inflected and held lesson for sports performance improvement.
  Keio University football (rugby) department gives cooperation to,
  We had primary schoolchild in ward experience the latest sports data utilization that top athlete adopted.
  State, held report on the day is this

Sports data science experience classroom (October, 2017) for public

  We held classroom to be able to learn from teacher and football moiety of Keio SDM including experience of sports data collection which utilized drone and GPS receiver about the highest sports data science.
  We did watching game of Keio University football region that was noble family of rugby.
  State, held report on the day is this

Sports data utilization seminar (November, 2017)

  Using design thought that Keio SDM was good at, we thought about the future when profit could apply sports data in anyone with all the participants while introducing the highest example about sports data utilization.
  To applicant, we actually carried out experience-based meeting which acquired sports data by support of Keio University football (rugby) part.
  State, held report on the day is this