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Invitation to Shin-Yokohama Park medogaden


Flower of brown fennel

Let's begin "grassy plain where wild grass blooms" flower bed for nature with person!

Creating a Wildflower Meadow Garden

Imagine scenery that want to leave in ... future; and ...

Garden design: Paul Smither


 Most were lost now and, in Japan, were not able to ever see grassy plain where colorful wild grass seen commonly bloomed too much.
 We wrestle for butterfly and insect and chicken, the making of garden where small animals are born and raised while making use of environment of Shin-Yokohama Park by "the 33rd whole country urban greening yokohama fair" as opportunity, and imagining scenery that we want to leave for in the future.
 I would like design to Paul sumiza of garden designer and am flower bed which we made while doing workshop with volunteer everybody. In consideration for biological diversity, we plant perennial plant growing up in Maine without yielding to severe environment called play Suichi.
 Child that this place is beautiful for us with nostalgia prays for all adults so that it is feeling relieved together in place to stay to be able to be relieved at.
 Illustration of medogaden which Paul sumiza drew

Legacy of the 33rd whole country urban greening yokohama fair - Kohoku Ward business ...

Map of medogaden  On March 18, 2017, medogaden was born by Kohoku Ward business of yokohama fair in Shin-Yokohama Park.

  We maintain afterwards while medogadenkurabu by volunteer people being formed by cooperation of the Shin-Yokohama administrative office of the park, and learning about perennial plant.

  Plant of garden can show seasonal expression. When you come to Shin-Yokohama Park, please drop in!

State of medogaden June June, 2017
Three months passed after we planted. Small seedling grows up well and has a heated in sequence.
ekinasea, Liatris spicata (liatris), loosestrife, cat mint…

State of volunteer activity this (activity of staff blog "medogadenkurabu" began Nissan Stadium!)
State of medogaden June
State of medogaden July State of medogaden July July
Yellow flower of perennial plant with yellow flowers of the family Valerianaceae Patrinia scabiosaefolia bloomed.
We take weed while gentle rain falls by volunteer activity. We pull umbrella plant growing among Pennisetum japonicum. As it is similar leaf, it is hard to distinguish, but is studied. 
Around flower bed, alley to have you see medogaden slowly was done. We displayed the name to plant.

State of volunteer activity this (Nissan Stadium staff blog "installed medogadenkurabu activity report - nameplate! ...)

Flower of ekinasea State of volunteer activity
State of medogaden October  October
Pennisetum japonicum, ear of Mu Ren bell gear Kapila squirrel went up. When day proves right, we shine and are beautiful. Toward the glass enthusiast, we do not stand.
nagabonoshirowaremokou grows up surprisingly magnificently, too.
State (nagabonoshirowaremokou) of medogaden October